Class v Crass

v the fascist right

(1) Target big Democrat donors, and horrify them at the thought they will be identified as supporters of this Ground Zero Victory Mosque because their funds are enabling the mosque-supporters like Pelosi and Obama to remain in office. These big donors do not want their names or businesses hurt by association with this project. So, get them, as private citizens and Democrat financiers, on record against this…then pressure them for an answer on the question of why they are giving so much damn money to people like Pelosi and Obama (and Senators Gillibrand and Schumer), who want to see a monument to Islamic Conquest rise above Ground Zero. Democrats ignore the people, but they bow to donors.

(2) Target all construction companies licensed to operate in New York and make it known to their C-Suite executives that if they agree to build this Ground Zero Victory Mosque that for the rest of your life you will make it a hobby of yours to convice future clients from hiring this firm. Make it known in the construction industry that any company that accepts this project will have the perpetual scorn of the public brought down on it. Think about what Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Henry Gates, and the rest of the Race Industry does to corporations to scare them away from doing things the Race Industry does not want them to do. Those tactics are very effective, and as disgusting as these race hucksters are, you cannot argue with their results.

(3) Pre-emptively start a rebellion with the trade unions and other entities that must be present on a construction site for a building project of this nature to proceed. In Chicago, buildings cannot be built without certain guilds and craftsman reps present on the job. It’s largely a corruption and graft requirement, and we can’t imagine New York not having something like this too, forcing a project to employ all sorts of experts to do certain things that are written into city building codes. Ie, pipefitters from the proper pipefitting union must fit the pipes for the sprinklers. If that does not happen, the Fire Marshal will not allow the building to rise, because it is unsafe. Well, what if the pipefitters in New York who are authorized by the state to work on building projects all refuse to work on this job? What if the Fire Marshal refuses to sign off on the building? There can be no Victory Mosque unless all the various trade unions and guilds allow this building to be constructed.

(4) Send an SOS to organized crime in the New York/New Jersey area. This might sound absurd to you at first, but the crime families in major cities are actually very patriotic people. They are almost always in it for themselves, of course, but they are no fans of Islam. How can the Victory Mosque be built if all the supplies that are needed for the building site mysteriously fall off ships at the docks or are lost on the highway somewhere coming into the city? What about late at night when all of the bulldozers, cranes, and other machines needed suffer all sorts of bizarre mechanical problems. We hear there are a lot of raccoons and squirrels living in lower Manhattan that love messing around with machinery at night. And those machines all need to be certified as safe, for the crews to work, and having machines that constantly break down sure would seem to risk any safety certifications the project would have. The mob in this country might generally do a lot of bad things, but we have a sincere and honest hope the crime families of the tri-state area come together to do whatever they can behind the scenes to stop construction of this Victory Mosque if it would ever get that far.

(5) The gay bar idea adjacent to the mosque is just one concept for making the neighborhood wholly unappealling to the Islamists who want to built this Tower of Triumph over Ground Zero. Pork processing facilities, museusms of pork products through the years, and anything else pig related needs to go in the three block radius circling this Victory Mosque. We’ve suggested commissioning public art, like the fiberglass cows that are dotted around Chicago, but in pig form, to decorate the streets surrounding the Victory Mosque. If the city won’t approve that, then local graffiti artists should be employed by the mob to absolutely cover every available surface in the area with depictions of pigs…and portraits of Muhammad as portrayed by the character Sloth from The Goonies. Every artistic endeavor imaginable should be used to make this would-be triumphant Victory Mosque into an laughstock. Do not allow these Muslims to use this Victory Mosque as a propaganda and recruiting tool overseas. Let there be no angle in which it can be photographed without there being a giant pig sculpture or deformed depiction of Muhammad spoiling that shot.

It is now come to this. The wiser heads inside of the Republican Party need to reclaim their Party from the tea party types and the desperate wannabe media whores, using hate as a vehicle for self promotion.

For this, only the former President, George W Bush can lead on this.

I will always believe that that man caused great, untold levels of damage not just to America but the World. It therefore has come to something when I am hoping that he will do one decent thing on behalf of America and indeed, his Party.

President Obama has already spoken up on behalf of American Muslims who simply want to exercise their Constitutional right to worship. It is now time for the former President to do the same. His Party is on the brink of sending an awful message to all Muslims that America does not want them. This is on the back of a message to legal Latinos that America has no place for them either.

With talk of abolishing the right of citizenship for some, the Republican Party is not far away for expressing its desire for a WASP ONLY America. Republican Leaders are after all going to be sharing a platform with a Dutch politician who wants the Constitution of the Netherlands changed to reflect just that.

As President, Bush repeatedly made clear that the US was not at war with Islam. He repeatedly pointed out the contributions made by Muslims to the World and pointed out that radical terrorists had nothing to do with the three Abrahamic Religions, of which Islam is one.

The current crop of Republicans will never respect President Obama when he repeats those very same points. After all, with the insanity turned up to 11, Republican Leaders have been all too happy to push the meme that President Obama is a “Muslim sympathiser”; so to the crazies he would say that anyway.

Former President Bush need only to restate what he said as President on many many occasions. Such a statement may wake some of the few remaining wise heads in the Republican Leadership up. It may give them the early morning call they need before they are far too far down a road no decent politician should ever have ventured on.

  1. 1termprez
    August 18, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Was Obama right when he stole money from the food stamp program to pay off the teachers unions in his latest $26 billion stimulus program?

  2. 1termprez
    August 18, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    It looks like Harry Reid, New York Congressmen Mike McMahon, Steve Israel, and Tim Bishop all oppose building the Ground Zero mosque. All of these people are Democrats.

    Why aren’t you screaming about the religious bigots of the Democratic party?

    • August 18, 2010 at 11:28 pm

      They are appeasing fascists and once you give an inch they will take a mile. They may be doing it for well intentioned reasons but the likes of Geller will not stop if the Sufi Muslims move to another building.

      • 1termprez
        August 19, 2010 at 1:49 am

        It looks like Harry Reid, New York Congressmen Mike McMahon, Steve Israel, and Tim Bishop all oppose building the Ground Zero mosque. All of these people are Democrats.

        Why aren’t you screaming about the religious bigots of the Democratic party?

      • 1termprez
        August 19, 2010 at 1:56 am

        Here the real story behind the ground zero mosque, from a muslim

      • 1termprez
        August 19, 2010 at 1:58 am

        I agree that stealing from a children’s cancer unit is a shitty thing to do.

        I also think that stealing money from the food stamp program to payoff the teachers unions is a shitty thing to do also.

        What do you think about your hero Obama stealing from the food stamp program?

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