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Come on Republicans – how much lower can you sink?

Republicans are getting on board with European Fascist Groups. Republican candidates will be sharing a platform with those on the very hard right of European politics.

It is a disgrace that this is not being called out.

People have every right to protest, people have every right to voice disquiet, the democracy of the United States of America was not completely destroyed by Bush and despite what the tea party people scream, (while still exercising their democratic right to protest), President Barack Obama is not ending democracy either.

Those running for office, should however be very wary with whom they share a platform. You would hope that no-one from mainstream politics or even those who report politics would share a platform with people from Stormfront. You would hope nobody from a mainstream political party would share a platform with white supremacists. Those few who would dare do so, you would at least trust that they are there to rubbish and oppose the views of such people. Actually giving succour and support to these people – no way.

We would at least expect that never, ever again would serious politicians allow openly fascist politicians an unchallenged platform.

Yet, for cheap, tacky votes from the very base elements of society, Newt Gingrich, John Bolton and Republican candidates for elected office are ging to join far right extremist Pamela Geller and ultra right extremist Geert Wilders on a platform to oppose the building of Corboda House.

Pamela Geller, an Anti-Muslim extremist, who calls Liberal Jews “jewicidal” is on its own bad enough. She also called Jane Ramsey a disgrace to the Jewish religion for having, in her bigoted eyes, the temerity to attend the Presidential Ramadan dinner. She has helped set up the American arm of the “Stop Islamification of America” movement, whose UK demonstrations have been full of highly delightful people.

In the UK, politicians and religious leaders know exactly who they are. Their hate draws the community together. Harrow, by the way is a middle to upper middle class area, with a diverse population of Jewish, Islamic and Catholic residents in North West London, England.

This is from the SIOE website, whose American cousin Ms Geller is President of. She of course would never support such opinions, she would just import them in to America.

Blogs are very important and bring much needed information to the general public; information which is often suppressed by Western mainstream media.

In fact, blogs are essential. However, when islamists and jihadists (in other words muslims) are prepared to blow up trains and buses and willing to fly airplanes into skyscrapers, then blogs alone will not defeat the theocratic despotism that is hell-bent on destroying Western civilisation.

The very least we have to do is be in the faces of our own political, judicial and religious leaders voicing our anger at how they are not only allowing, but actively promoting, the Islamisation of Europe.

Already, people in Europe consider that the legal and peaceful means of stopping Islamisation, used by SIOE, are not enough. In Europe, for example, violence, including shootings, against muslims is happening increasingly.

SIOE is not surprised at this. When even the legitimate means of protest against islam are sometimes prevented, or at least restricted, and such protests go largely unreported, then it is inevitable that people who feel powerless under the law, take the law into their own hands.

The people who are to blame for citizens reacting in a violent manner against Islamism are the people in whom the ordinary citizens have placed their faith and trust, namely, our politicians, judiciary and religious leaders.

It is quite telling that they called the Synagogue leaders of Harrow appeasers for opposing the SIOE / EDL demonstration of hate against Muslims, “appeasers”.


Nice people to do business with.

This is what a former Home Office Minister said of them

For more on the EDL/SIOE go here: http://www.hopenothate.org.uk

No mainstream UK politician would ever be seen agreeing with people like them, especially at a protest against Muslim residents. Yet a major Political Party, that is close to the reins of power is happy to import hate from European fascists.

Pamela Geller however, as a result of your not so Liberal media (as if Fox is Liberal), has become an acceptable face of hate. She is however just a talking head, a bigoted, disgusting talking head and an overpromoted blogger but importantly, she is and will never be more than a bigoted talking head.

Geller is using her position as talking head to promote her hatefest at which Republicans will be appearing


Geert Wilders will also be there.

An unapologetic extremist.

He is not just a talking head but an elected politician selling hate and fear. Promoting a culture of fascism in a continent that has already suffered from its real evils. He causes and provokes outrage to further himself and his agenda of hate at the ballot box.

No decent respectable politician should be even on a stand with him.

He wants

Replacement of the present Article 1 of the Dutch constitution, guaranteeing equality under the law, by a clause stating the cultural dominance of the Christian, Jewish and
humanist traditions.
introduction of administrative detention for “terrorist suspects”
A five-year moratorium on the founding of new mosques and Islamic schools;
a permanent ban on preaching in any language other than Dutch

In a letter to the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, he called for the Koran to be banned in the Netherlands and compared it to Mein Kampf.

He has called for a €1000 ( a year ($1500) excise tax on wearing headscarves, a ban on all Muslims immigrating to the Netherlands and wants the government to pay for Muslims who are already in the Netherlands to leave.

Despite all this he calls himself a libertarian.

This man and his Political Party thrives on creating tensions within the Dutch community.

If his comments about Muslims were repeated in the same vein against any other religion, such as Christians, Hindus or Jews, he would be a pariah, yet because Republicans have decided to make Muslims an enemy, he gets to share a platform with them.

This should quite rightly be an outrage.

These people should be ashamed and shamed for their participation in fostering fear and hate:-

“Ambassador” John Bolton

Newt Gingrich

NY Senatorial Candidate Gary Berntsen

Jordan Sekulow (ACLJ)

Pete King (invited)

Michael Grimm Staten Island House of Representatives

Of course, without any surprise the popular purveyor of racism, Andrew Breitbart will be in attendance.

If Republican Leadership will not, it is the duty of the Democratic Party to call these high-profile Republicans out for standing with fascists and thugs.

All decent politicians should look to history and say never again.

  1. 1termprez
    August 17, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    However much they try, the Republicans can’t sink as low as Obama has sunk.

    Obama has stolen money from the food stamp program to payoff the teachers unions in his latest $26 billion stimulus and for Michelle Antoinette Obama’s pet programs. I thought the Democrats were supposed to be for poor people. Why aren’t you screaming about Obama stealing money from poor people?

    • August 17, 2010 at 7:13 pm

      So suddenly you are against controlling the federal budget?

      Get back to the main point – do you agree with those Republicans siding with fascists?

      • 1termprez
        August 18, 2010 at 12:55 pm

        What?!?!?!?! No comment about Obama stealing money from poor people. Why is this not news?

        • August 21, 2010 at 1:48 pm

          probably because it’s not true, but the reason people are reticent to discuss it here is more to do with the fact it has f-all to do with the subject at hand.

  2. Stephen Gash
    August 18, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Bigot Basher??? Don’t make me laugh.

    The definition of a bigot is “an intolerant and obsessive adherent to a particular doctrine or creed” – which is a perfect definition of a Muslim.

    Harrow Council has just imposed halal meat on pupils attending Harrow schools. I wonder if this force-feeding extends to the Jewish pupils in the same schools, seeing as Jewish councillors in Harrow opposed our “Stop Islamisation” demonstrations? Maybe the spirit of tolerance and diversity does not extend to Jewish pupils, according to Harrow council? As the force-feeding was recommended by a dietician, then one would expect Jewish children to enjoy the nutritional benefits too. If they do not, then that is flagrant discrimination.

    If force-feeding school children halal food is not Islamisation I’d like to know what your definition (as a bigot-basher) of Islamisation is? In Denmark, all the poultry sold in supermarkets is halal slaughtered. Where is the choice and diversity in that?

    • August 18, 2010 at 12:20 pm

      There was no imposition of halal by Harrow Council. Schools are free to choose their supplier. Some schools have chosen to go with a halal only food supplier. Of course, things like this will always be an issue if you sell off school meals contracts. Schools can choose their supplier.

      It is worth noting that it does not seem to be Harrow councillors speaking up for free choice for those wanting non-halal food. It is Muslims

      Masood Khawaja, president of the Halal Food Authority (HFA), said he welcomed the move but stressed that pupils should not be forced to eat halal meat.

      “It’s commendable for any local authority to introduce halal meals for Muslim students and pupils, but we also say that it should be properly labelled,” he said.

      “Non-Muslims should have a choice as well.”

      The Muslim Council of Britain said parents who wanted their children to eat halal meat “should be given the freedom and choice to do so”.

      “Local authorities are under a duty to facilitate this,” a spokesman said.

      “Those who do not wish to consume halal should similarly be afforded the freedom and choice.”

      A council spokeswoman said two primary schools had already decided to go with the Harrison Catering Services contract and give halal-only meat to their pupils.


  1. August 17, 2010 at 10:07 pm

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