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So you meet the Bible Spice Tramp and then if you disagree with her you are some unhinged drag queen

Wow. Palin the right-wing “Godess” decides to go to Homer to film the Palin loves Real America show. Her arrival leads to her goons putting the area she is on lock down. A woman who happens to live and work in the area and who owns a shed in a public area decides to place a poster up that isn’t calling Obama a Communist or something Palin would love. The Queen of Quit decides to have a friendly screech at the woman expressing her discontent in a voice that sounds like a merger of metal being dragged across a blackboard and the hideous scream of the banshee.

“Coo you wanted me as governor”, the Queen of Quit screeched. A screech that if you are not Dick Cheyney would make your heart skip a beat.

The reaction of the right. To go attack the woman who had the nerve to talk to the Harridan of Hate.

So like the low lives that they are, they prove themselves to be so full of crap and hate and then accuse some completely innocent woman of being unhinged because she doesn’t like Palin. To me, that makes her perfectly sane. They go after the woman, look up her private life and, given the history of Palin fan club sites before long, these mindless would be Sherlock Holmes’s will probably publish the number and details of some one entirely unrelated person as their previous attacks on other people who question the wisdom of the Queen of Quit.

Sick scum and perfectly indicative of the type of low life that supports the Queen of Quit.

The poor little unhinged leftists had their panties in a bunch today after Sarah Palin confronted a far left loon for her rude and aggressive sign in Homer, Alaska.

The leftists were outraged that Sarah Palin had the nerve to confront this angry “teacher.” Teachers should be respected.

It’s just too bad she’s not a teacher.
Kathleen Gustafson is a singer in a drag queen band.

From Gateway Pundit

Blogger Unearths Interesting Info on ‘Teacher’ That Criticized Palin As ‘Worst Governor Ever’
By Ken Shepherd (Bio | Archive)
Tue, 08/10/2010 – 12:08 ET
While filming a segment for her new TLC program in Homer, Alaska, former governor Sarah Palin was recently accosted by one Kathleen Gustafson, a local bearing a large handwritten banner reading “Worst Governor Ever.”

Several news agencies and networks have picked up on the story, uncritically relaying that Gustafson is simply a local teacher.

But that’s not accurate, as MacRanger of the Mac’s Mind blog discovered.

Gustafson is listed as a “theater tech” at Homer High School. In addition to those duties, she’s on staff at the Homer public radio station and on the board of directors for a family planning clinic in town. From her bio:

Kathleen Gustafson: I’ve been on the board since 2003. I feel like volunteering with KBFPC is the natural compliment to my work in Youth Theater and public radio. When I worked at Smoky Bay Learning Center, I witnessed directly the good work that Family Planning does in health education programs and I want to do what I can to be a part of it.

Far from an apolitical teacher who just happens to be set off by Palin resigning mid-term, there’s arguably more than meets the eye when it comes to Gustafson’s politics.

Is it that hard for anyone in the mainstream media to apply a little skepticism and work a few keystrokes on Google?

From the right wing hacks at “Newsbusters”

  1. 1termprez
    August 13, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    The bimbo lies about being a teacher, we are not supposed to know about that?

    Why don’t you have a story about the fact that 71% of the people in Missouri vetoed Obama’s health care mandate? The Democrats are going to be crushed in November, then the impeachment proceedings can start early next year.

    • August 14, 2010 at 1:41 pm

      That shows the lack of class of Republicans. It also shows why they should never be elected until they sort their nuts out. The President did not pursue any war crimes investigations against the previous administration, he could have done, many would say he should have done – but he understood that there was a lot of work to be done to fix the badly broken USA he had inherited.

      Rethugs – it’s all about the diversion.

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