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Screw it. We’ll do it live.

Doing a live tv interview, especially an in-depth one is not for the faint of heart and there are few serious politicians who would want to risk a half hour interview, especially in the run up to an election. We have of course forgotten the Republican Wonder Woman, Sarah Palin.

Well according to a former Republican strategist, Douglas Mackinnon, her awful interview performances at the last General Election were not caused by her lack of media savvy, her failure was caused by Republicans not demanding a live interview. What is worse is that Republicans still believe that the Couric interview, which would in almost all circumstances have been a soft-ball interview even with some local yokel Republican District Committee Man, was a TV ambush moment.

He really does think Palin should just do live interviews from now on.

A ground rule which is very simple and should never be broken. That being that if you are a Republican national candidate, ONLY do live interviews. As they did not request or get the live interviews, the McCain campaign gurus should have at least insisted that edited teasers not be released prior to or following the interview. Of course, that did not happen either and Gibson and ABC and Couric and CBS released selected and edited snippets with the express purpose of putting Governor Palin in the worst possible light with the American people.
Decades of evidence prove that the major networks have not always been the fairest of venues for Republicans. With a live interview, the candidate, just as much as the anchor or reporter, controls the outcome. No words taken out of context, and no anchors maliciously editing the comments of the GOP candidate after the fact.


Republicans are ignoring reality because of their idiotic hero-worship. What they refuse to get is that the Gibson and Couric interviews were such car crash tv moments because these interviewers were known for their soft ball questions. Those interviews had, prior to their broadcast, Democratic supporters annoyed because everyone expected them to be Palin fluff pieces.

The interviews were set up as just that. Especially the Couric interview. The pre talk walk to the studio where Palin discussed some Republican exec recusing himself from parts of the campaign, the fireside nature of the chat. It would have been a campaign piece for anyone who had the slightest bit of intelligence. The interviewers did not fail Palin the Wonder Woman, Palin the incompetent could not even perform up to scratch in a fluff piece.

Despite Fox giving her almost daily media training at the expense of News International shareholders, she still has not improved. Off tv, she has gained a celebrity status, beating every other possible Republican candidate with her tech savvy long campaign. She has ghost writers for books, facebook and even twitter; on tv however she still is unable to properly complete a sentence never mind communicate an idea. She fails on Fox every time she is on, a network that could not be more helpful to her, indeed on Fox she gets so much prompting from co-hosts you wonder if her glasses are also autocues.

So when Douglas Mackinnon starts comparing her to George H Bush’s appearance on live tv you begin to understand that the Republicans have lost touch with anything that is not on Fox News. George HW Bush had a life time of not answering questions in a convincing way. It was his career before he entered politics. In reality, before he entered elected politics. The CIA is a very political animal. His involvement at the CIA would have given him a media savvy most politicians would give their teeth for. Everyone else who is not star struck by Sarah Palin would understand that she is not in any way CIA Director material.

So Sarah, go on do it. Really. Do it live.

After all such an interview would be worth it just for the new Republican lexicon that would evolve.

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