An idiotic way to do policy

The “wicked evil Tory cuts” have, surprisingly, been gained general acceptance by the public and by most media pundits except for some ex Labour Ministers who were previously proposing much worse. Of course to Ed Balls, his cuts were cuddly sharing Neo-Con Labour savings and not evil Con-Dem cuts. Of course, now he is running for the Labour Leadership he was never in support of cuts.

So what do the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives do with that support and that poor level of opposition?

They embarrass themselves.

Anne Milton, a  junior Health Minister wrote to her SNP counterpart in Scotland suggesting cutting fee milk for under 5’s. The reaction :-



No policy was going to survive the combination of re-runs of Margaret Thatcher in the 1970’s justifying milk cuts and wide eyed little kids loving their free milk. This was obvious to anyone, unless of course you are a Minister with a record of gaffes in her already short term of office. The reaction from those with more than half a brain on  the right, who support the coalition was onvious and more surprisingly the reactions of those on the left was either silent or self congratulatory. The reactions from Labour, well they vary from cock-a-hoop to actually agreeing with the cut – recognising that most children under 5 are in some sort of private nursery care.

Ben Brogan has it right. Tories and milk are a toxic mix. Ever since Margaret thatcher was labelled “Milk Snatcher” in the 1970’s Tories and cutting funding for services to children do not mix. Ed Balls was able to present £2 billion lopped off the education budget as a “saving”. The Tories can not.

This was a stupid policy, that produced very little in the way of real savings but it is the first cut that was defeated by media outrage. More of this will not help the coalition, although it did end up with David Willetts having to use both of his brains at once.

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