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Meet the teabagger Candidate running against Lacy Clay who hopes to be the next Alvin Greene. She also thinks I am Dr Who.

Meet Candice “Britt” Britton running against Lacy Clay in the Democratic Primary in Missouri District 01.

Like her Senatorial compatriot she is unheard of, has no prior political history, has no campaign funding and is bat-shit crazy. Not only that she is endorsed by far right extremists. What’s even funnier is she thinks I am Doctor Who (all Irish people in England have their own personal Tardis).

Her most pressing issue for Missouri District 01, in a time of recession closing the borders and cutting the deficit.She he is a regular at the St Louis Tea Party (the one that vows to destroy the left amongst other things) and believes that they have great policy ideas that she can learn from.


Yep the St Louis Tea Party has lots of lessons for Democrats


She also makes clear in that interview she opposes the closure of GITMO, civilian trials for terrorists, the stimulus and the auto bail out.

I believe the Government is of the people and for the people of this great country. I believe our legislators are to work for us. Mr. Clay and I are different in the following areas:

Most, not all, of his votes are along the Democratic Party line. My votes will not be for party or self-political gain. I will vote for the will of District 1 constituents and consider the will of the majority of the Country and use common sense.
We also differ on many other issues, such as, Immigration, the closing of Guantanamo Military Prison, Healthcare reform and Government Ethics.

Her support base, the Missouri Tea Party and the Mccain front group the PUMAs., one of the groups behind the now banned of Cafe Press “Pray for Obama” merchandise.

Here’s Candice aka PUMARAIG in 2008

http://kpft.wordpress.com/2008/11/14/wtf-was-that /

What is funny is Barry is half white and his brown color is Kenyan he is not a Afro American or Black. So my black brothers and sisters voted for a brown skined half white and half kenyan. He is as much white as he is black or brown. He is not one of them and soon they will feel betrayed because he will not give us Afro-American blacks what we want. And when he fails to be black enough we will turn on him and then we will say he ain’t black he is white. He is not one of us he brown and an uncle tom! So any one who disagees with Barry and did not vote for him can not be a racist he is half white. He is not Afro American or Black he is Kenyan and white!!

and more

You Barry voters can dish it out but you can’t take it. You do not want to know the truth! The One was selected not elected by the DNC and so called super deligates! Barry has a mandatory civil servant program ready to go. The Brown Shirts. Congressman Rangle as the bill ready to be voted on in the next congress. the truth hurts and you Barry supporters do not want to hear or seek the truth! Indoctornation that is Hitler got the youth to follow him. Putin in Russia has done the same thing in Russia he has pandered and fooled the youth and guess what the young Russians hate America. Research it educate yourselves! History will show you Puma eyes are open and we are not drinking the kool-aide! Hillary won the primary the DNC and Liberal elite Super Delegates selected Barry again he was not elected. 18 million votes Hillary was elected not selected.

Here she is again in April 2010

http://pumapac.org/2010/04/01/dont-mellow-my-harsh /

pumacraig 04.02.10 at 1:40 pm
Here is a link you can read. Lacy Clay is trying to shore up my black sisters and brothers vote. My words to them.

Clay’s presence — along with that of Normandy Mayor Patrick Green, University City Mayor Joe Adams and a number of pastors — was clearly aimed at revving up interest among low-income and minority voters, who as a group are less likely to turn out for local and non-presidential elections.

It does not take much on google to find her more from PUMACRAIG, aka Candice Britt Britton and who she is being endorsed by. One of those sites actually called for the death of Obama supporters, which is kind of where she thinks I must be Dr Who (more of that later). Another of the sites she has obtained support from is a hate site that wants to obtain Democratic donor lists so that they can harass them. She recently asked for those lists. She thankfully was refused.

Her policy platforms make for interesting reading if you are a semi literate tea-bagger of if you can not quite get the Colbert Report (who she based her website on). This is why she is standing

I’m running for public office because I feel that our great country is headed towards a bad direction. I feel this way because of the following reasons:

A. Government spending is out of control.
B. Both parties are responsible for the huge Debt and Deficit.
C. Senators and Congresspersons have forgotten whom they work for, they no longer work for us. We the people.
D. Democrats and Republicans refuse to work together to set a good example for our children. The deliberate feud between the parties keeps this great Country and her people divided. Due to this, they are free to do as they please, such as, enact legislation the majority of the people are against.

I’m asking you to send me, Candice Britton to Washington D.C. I believe that we must set an example for our children. You don’t have to be a Millionaire, a Lawyer, a Doctor or have gone to an Ivy League College to run for public office to serve the citizens of this great Country.

Like my opponent, his father held the District 1 seat for years. When his father stepped down, my opponent acted as if it was his “birthright” to fill the seat and not a privilege. No other Democrats have run against him. It seems as if the seat belongs to him. Lets say, “NO!” to career politicians!

I’m running to state that, “No, you don’t own that seat! We the people own it!”

(err only slightly borrowed from Senator Bimbo Brown).

What kind of direction she wants the Country to go in is open to question.
Why Lacy Clay one of the finest Members of Congress, with a great Democratic history is a career politician is left open.

Her healthcare reform proposals are very literally opposition to the recently passed health care reforms simply, because, some old re-tread Republican proposals of “buying across state lines” and “tort reform” (she admittedly says she does not know what that means). She then goes on to support the Obama health care reforms just passed while calling for the abolition of medicaid. Which would for her be fine if she gets elected, she would no longer need it, as it stands now she is a recipient.

Her education policy is equally laughable

Education is a very complex area to legislate. I would get rid of “NO Child Left Behind.” I believe education should be left up to each State. Every State is different and the needs of children will be different. I believe that the Federal government should help fund education, but not mandate how each State and City teaches their children.


Yay to being taught all abortions are evil mass murder and Creationism. In some states, if that.

Nor is she afraid to take any right wing position just for the sake of being seen opposing Lacy Clay.


Her immigration policies are however something to behold in a racially diverse area such as hers.

Immigration policy is very important. It affects jobs, HealthCare cost, education and our economy as a whole.
1. I would enforce the immigration laws that are in place now.
2. I would enforce our borders, lock them down and if that means I had to use the National Guard, I would do so.
3. All visitor(s) would have to have a Visa to enter the U.S. Before entering the U.S., all visitor(s) from countries with high rates of Tuberculosis or other contagious disease(s) would have to show medical documentation stating that he/she (they) are not infected.
4. All Visitor(s) would be finger printed, have an iris scan and a photo for identification.
5. A database would track the departure dates of visitor(s). If the visitor(s) don’t leave the U.S. on their departure date, I.C.E. and all law enforcement would find them for deportation.
6. H1 Visas and all other Visas that allow companies to import people to take the jobs of American citizens would be STOPPED. Many companies are using these Visas to import foreign workers to replace American citizens for the sole purpose of paying lower wages and benefits. This, in my opinion, is wrong and I would vote “NO” on any legislation that would take the jobs of an American citizen.
7. No amnesty.
8. I would look into what could be done by law that would no longer allow illegal alien(s) to come to our country to have children. This practice is called “Anchor Babies.” Pro-Amnesty legislators use the children who are born on U.S. (Anchor Babies) soil by illegal alien(s) as a reason to grant amnesty to ALL illegal alien(s).
9. Any employer that hired an illegal alien(s) would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
10. Colleges will be held responsible for all student(s) granted access to the U.S. via student Visa(s). When the student’s Visa expires, the Colleges will be responsible for the student’s departure from the U.S. If the college doesn’t do the above, they will no longer be allowed to participate in the foreign student Visa program.
I welcome and am delighted to have all foreign visitor(s) to the U.S., IF AND ONLY IF, they entered the U.S. legally and follow and respect our laws. Foreigner(s) who wish to come to America and become a Green Card holder or a citizen, which do so legally would be welcomed with open arms.

So as well as supporting an end to a Constitutional right that those born in America are Americans, she would make tourism so difficult and invasive that no-one would visit. And like many of her teabagger friends the Government would have the money for endless walls and endless checks on immigration but no money for healthcare.

Not only that

Her videos are equally as laughable. All available on her site.

So as the election neared she decided she would get rid of her PUMACRAIG past. How would she do that. Obvious (well to a nutter). She blamed me. Literally. She went to the ultra racist and sexist Hillbuzz blog and obtained my details. She then pretended that I was acting as her.


So she went to a site that has a history of threats to Democratic supporters, homophobic smears (from supposedly gay ex Democrats) and outright cyberstalking, published my private details and then accuses me of cyber stalking (The fact I wasn’t even blogging then as work commitments put paid to it is a side issue). I have supposedly gone back in time and invented her online PUMACRAIG persona. I must say if I had a time machine and could change an election I would have gone back 10 years from now and would not be bothering with hers.

In summary she is crazy. Has no money and what little ladder there is for disabled people in the US if elected she wants to kick it down, is involved with one of the more extreme of the tea parties and is really very much a Democrat in Name Only. I’d normally expect her to lose in a landslide. Only problem is the US does not have normal elections.

I’ll look out for the results. I would expect a resounding victory for Lacy Clay but would not be shocked if the machines produce a different result.

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  1. Obotinchief
    August 4, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    Bravo BB, Bravo! The puma consider the 19% she won a win, I consider it another puma Epic FAIL….next

    • August 5, 2010 at 1:01 am

      She did nt even manage 19%. She got 18%. 6000 odd votes. Basically hers and the count machine granting her some votes.

  2. KORNFAN181
    August 11, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    did you vote for obama? be honest

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