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It’s curries and samosas all round as Bradford, UK rejects the Pamela Geller brand of hate

While Fox News continues to promote the hard right group, Stop Islamification of America, promoting its President, lunatic extremist blogger, Pamela Geller as a Human Rights Activist, the City of Bradford in the UK turned their back on these racist thugs and refused to rise to their bait.

This is the message from the Hope Not Hate campaign

There was widespread relief across Bradford last night after the EDL protest passed off without major incident. Despite huge provocation from the racist hooligans the Muslim community in particular refused to rise to the bait.

But as I mention in my summary of the day last night, there was a far bigger victory in that Bradford is now able to move out of the shadow cast by the 2001 riots. The opposition to the EDL was almost universal across the city and has fostered a new and positive community spirit.

This was shown brilliantly last night. A huge police presence remained in the city in case of trouble, with most officers based in vans at the police HQ in the city centre. Late in the evening several Asian families arrived at the police station to thank the assembled officers for their hard work during the day. They then presented them with large trays of food, curries and samosas, which was gladly accepted by the police.

Bradford has rejected the racism and hatred of the EDL and is moving forward together as one people.’s-curry-and-samosas-all-round

Three cheers to the people of Bradford for rejecting the message of hate offered by the EDL/SIOE.

A message to my American cousins, you too can stand up against the fascists and WIN.


I’ll Take The Community Organizer

I keep hearing people degrading the President because of his previous experience as a community organizer. There are some right-wing pundits who refer to him only as The Community Organizer with no apparent fear that they might be alienating thousands of voters who are, in fact, hard-working community organizers – a job that is undoubtedly many times more involved and difficult that punditry. Read more…

Cough, Banker, Cough

August 29, 2010 2 comments

Stewart Jackson - stupid banker

Stewart Jackson is the Idiot MP for Peterborough. According to the Telegraph, he claimed more than £66,000 for his family home, including hundreds of pounds on refurbishing his swimming pool.

He owns a large house in Peterborough as well as his old home in Ealing. The taxpayers are paying for his home in Peterborough.

Despite claiming his Peterborough home as his second home so he could get the taxpayer to pay for it, his website (which was also taxpayer-funded) claims

they live in Central Peterborough with their daughter Isabel. He helped small companies with their Human Resource/Personnel issues and is a specialist advisor in the “Investors in People” quality standard.

His method of thanking the constituents that paid for this largess, to call them a bunch of whingers and moaners.

Those whingers and moaners re-elected him, they are a forgiving bunch in Peterborough. So now he is sitting pretty on taxpayer largesse, he is forging a career on the back-benches as an idiot rent-a-quote MP.

On learning that STD’s were on the increase Jackson twitted on twitter:-

“Very disappointing news on STD [sexually trasmitted disease] rates in Peterborough. No doubt our liberal friends will tell us we need more sex education – as it’s worked so well!”

Well abstinence only education worked so well for its key proponent in America.

To stir the hornet’s nest some more (as well as gain some more publicity) Jackson added “Touched a raw nerve with shrill intolerant pro-sex education lefties who don’t like debating the issues. Wonder why not?”

That’s bad enough, but he then adds:-

“sad, tedious sex-obsessed leftie weirdos” who were “unable to debate issues without personal abuse and vicious shrill denunciation”.

What seems odd about this is that the BBC is reporting that Jackson is creating this fuss while he is on holiday; so poor old Stewart must be extremely bored given that he wants to stoke up a war of words from his holiday hotel room.

Some facts for Mr Jackson to ponder while he is on the beach. England has a very poor sex education record and as a consequence one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and youth STDs in the developed World.

Before he debates anyone on the subject, I’d suggest he starts to read up in the basics first. Starting with a comparison of how other Countries deal with sex education.

The Million Moron March

Glenn Beck restoring honour to America? Yeah right. More like restoring wallets.

Well the Beck and Palin show didn’t quite get a million,

probably not even a third if that number and maybe even less than a tenth of that number but yep, thousands of morons paid top $ to go and hear Glen Beck go all preachy on them.

No teabagger event would be complete without a collection of weirdos. They were all there. Getting rid of any sense of self-pride of honour they had so the Glen and Sarah Team could restore it for them.

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor 28 August 2010
Did no one tell him about the girl in Goldfinger?

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor 28 August 2010
Does he think he is a priest or is it his way of scaring away the evil libruls in Washington?

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor 28 August 2010
WTF? I bet they did not try and get on the Metro.


One thing is clear, everything went all white at the Beck and Palin Show, aka Whitestock. There were more people of colour on the podium than in the audience.

Thousands of Americans being lectured to about God and kindness by a man who sells fear and conspiracy on tv.

One word. Morons.

These people could be in charge.

I wouldn’t want any of them to serve as a dog catcher – never mind anything else.

Shorter Kevin Dujan

August 28, 2010 1 comment

Kevin Dujan of Hillbuzz - One day he will be a Prince

Woe is me – I couldn’t get laid because people think my racist blog is racist“.

Well as they say, another self pity story, another $.

He may not be able to get laid but one thing he does well is extract money from stupid right-wingers. Long may he keep up the keep up the good work. I wonder what his best friend Jeremy Rose thinks of him now?

A Case For Carter

Score another one for Jimmy Carter. The former president marked another landmark humanitarian achievement yesterday by bringing home American school teacher Aijalon Mahli Gomes from North Korea. Gomes had been sentenced by the North Korean government in April to 8 years of hard labor. It is the latest in a long list of humanitarian efforts by Carter.

Here’s the thing about Jimmy Carter: The right has been so successful in their depiction of Carter as a tremendous failure that even most Democrats have bought into the idea. He was recently voted the worst American in history by right-wing bloggers. But the truth is that he was one of our county’s best leaders. In a time when many southern Democrats were transitioning into Republicans, this Democrat from Georgia was able to truly reach across party lines and bridge some of the partisan rifts caused by Watergate.

Like the current president, Carter inherited one of the worst financial situations a modern President could expect. There were myriad reasons for the dismal state of the economy, and none of them were of his doing. However, by the time Carter left office, the double-digit inflation that is unfairly attributed to him was going, going and almost gone. And while he has been accused of being too liberal, he in fact continued the deregulation policies initiated by Nixon and Ford.

His accomplishments as president include an energy policy that is responsible for today’s more fuel-efficient cars and home appliances, creation of the Superfund to clean up dangerous environmental situations caused by corporations, and he played a strong role in bringing about a meaningful peace to the Middle East for the first time since the founding of Israel through his Camp David Accords. It is for his peace-keeping efforts that he enjoyed a higher popularity overseas than he did at home.

Faced with the no-win hostage situation in Iran, the Navy veteran used every option ethically available to a president, including the ill-fated rescue attempt that unfortunately came to define his administration. A heavier hand would have risked war and the lives of the hostages; a lighter touch had been ineffective.

The Reagan campaign allowed the American public to believe that the mere intimidation of the stronger, more manly Bedtime for Bonzo actor was enough to secure the release of the 52 embassy staffers. In fact, it was the illegal and un-American arms-for-hostages policy of the Reagan administration that did the trick. Reagan and his advisors knew instinctively that the actions were wrong. Why else hide them from the American people? There is even very strong circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Reagan campaign had negotiated a deal delaying the release of the hostages until after the election, thereby perpetrating their portrayal of Carter as weak and ineffective in safeguarding our nation and its citizens. And while all this has been brought to light, the myth about Reagan’s strength and Carter’s weakness still persists 30 years later.

Despite all of this, what is really important about Carter was and is his character and how that honor and integrity reflected on our country and on us as a people. Despite the successes or failures of all our presidents since (excluding Obama, for whom the jury is still out), not one has represented the USA on the world stage with the same virtues for which we were once admired – for doing the right things for no other reasons than because they are right and because we can.

It is a conviction and a calling that Carter has continued even after the electorate made it clear that the nation prefered the swagger of a cowboy and the right to be a world leader because no one could stop us from doing so. We should count ourselves quite fortunate indeed to have citizen Carter speaking on our behest and showing the global community that despite some of our recent activity, America is still a country with people who do good and ask for absolutely nothing in return.