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The only correct decision Gordon Brown has ever made.

Go, Gordon Go

So Gordon Brown has quit.

He leaves his party with a record of shame and goes on record as being one of the very few people to have served as Prime Minister without ever have been elected. Just to add to his dismal record his time in office as Prime Minister is one of the shortest periods served in that Office ever.

Way to go Gordon.

This of course makes the prospect of a who goes into Number 10 far more interesting. The Liberal Democrats were not going to countenance a deal with the Labour Party while Gordon Brown squatted in Number 10. Now that the Downing Street Squatter is going to self evict himself, talks with the Liberal Democrats are now a real possibility.

If the Conservatives want any sniff at power ever they really do need to start to swallow their pride and consider real electoral reform. Only a truly proportional system will be fair.

If Labour got their way on AV, which is even less proportional than PR, the Conservatives could be out of power for ever and real electoral reform would never happen.

Do not forget that Labour would have gained far more seats in 2005 under AV despite having a similar share of the vote to that of the Conservatives and they would have gained far more seats in 2010. AV benefits Labour far more than the Conservatives, it provides them with even more of a lead in the ballot box than the current system and acts purely as a booster to Labour in their good years. PR is at least a reflection of the desires of the voters. Get on with it. Don’t let Labour steal an election forever.

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