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Pots and kettles. Beauty is skin deep but ugliness comes from the bone.

Beauty shines through

Gabourey Sidibe made the front page of People magazine. They did an article about what a fantastic year it has been for her as a result of her brilliant performance in the hard hitting, dark, but strangely positive film Precious. Most people would either not comment on celebrity magazines or they would congratulate her for it.

Of course the hard right in America has to lower the tone.

Debbie Schlussel is a far right lunatic that spouts off mad conspiracy theories and therefore gets media time.

Here she is in Debbie does Dallas Politics.

Not exactly someone who would qualify for Miss World. Given how she looks on video her “photo” on her blog makes her actual appearance hilarious.

Attacking someone for their looks is a pretty low thing to do unless that person feels that it is their right to attack others for their looks. When that happens, it is pretty much fair game to go after someone for their real ugliness.

Her ugliness seeps out of every pore because she is a hate filled person. She has a down right cheek to call anyone disgusting looking. She obviously does not watch her own youtube videos and still thinks she looks like she does in her blog pic. That picture must have been taken 15 years ago. Whenever / whatever. She is nothing more than an ugly, horrible, over promoted creature.

Listening to her youtube videos she sounds like an alcoholic bag lady in the middle of a stroke. The thing is bag ladies have far more class than this hate filled creature.

There is no getting away from this, Ms Schlussel should seriously consider looking in the mirror before she calls Gabourey Sidibe or anyone else disgusting. Schlussel is a pig whose lipstick is the shit she has just rolled in.

It comes of no surprise to find that the far right and the so called non sexist and non racist PUMAs / Palin supporters are lapping this up. Led by the unkempt troll Kevin Dujan.

Kevin Dujan

He totally looks like a Fraggle. Here is Michael Steele meeting with a Fraggle.

Steele meeting a Fraggle

Here is a fraggle promoting Bible Spice and the old guy.

Fraggles for Mccain Palin

The film Precious is a masterpiece. The blogs run by these two disgusting pieces of filth simply cater for the lowest of the low.

Of the three people only one person is not truly an ugly person . The other two hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way out but still believe that they are “hot”. One of them is an award winning actress, the other two are bottom feeding troglodytes.

One of them has earned their success. There is only one other word to describe the other two.


  1. May 4, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    Thank you Bigot Basher. It is so historically common that anything African or African-American in this country is considered ugly. Bigotted people don’t want to let that go (even though they are all the while going for lip-plumping treatments and staying out in the sun to long). That tactic goes way back and is part of they psychological damage done to people of color in this country that has affected cultural self-esteem.

    Gabby is Beautiful!!!!! And she is a wonderful actress who deserves every accolade attributed to her.

  2. Handsome
    June 5, 2010 at 2:59 am

    I’ve read Hillbuzz a few times for laughs. I am just curious how a supposed Hillary Clinton Democrat now wants to purge Democrats of all liberals, given Clinton’s Senate voting record was, give/take, similar to Obama’s and is now his Sec. of State. I also am curious how this man can believe Sarah Palin to have some sort of Sisters in Arms blood connection to Hillary Clinton.

    He also makes Palin out to be some sort of ninja star throwing guerilla warrior; almost a right wing Che Guevarra; a superheroine mix of Batman and Faceman of The A Team. She refuses to answer questions from anyone but Fox unless she is doing some self promotional puff piece in which the network likely had to agree in advance not to go hard on Queen Sarah: Larry King, Oprah, Barbara Walters; almost a friends w/benefits situation: Networks get ratings boost; Palin gets a forum to spew her babble and everyone is happy and not wanting to ask tough questions.

    She has shown an allergy to facts and cannot even address a simple Katie Couric interview.

    DuJan also put forth a fantasy of being a macho He-Man, claiming that some tomato throwing mook at a Minneapolis mall book signing event was part of some grand lefty design to hurt Trig Palin: http://hillbuzz.org/2009/12/09/a-promise-we-want-you-all-to-make-do-not-allow-trig-palin-to-be-attacked-on-your-watch-ever/

    There is NO proof of any such grand conspiracy. The guy was a single jamooke who broke the law, got arrested and got to enjoy the feeling of “the system.” Not some stormtrooper trying to hurt Sarah’s baby.

    The man also bans any dissent and labels anyone who may actually argue a fact or logical argument a troll.

    I wonder if the man is actually a GOP 5th Columnist who supported Hillary Clinton
    because Republicans felt she would be easier to beat in general election.

    Makes one wonder.

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