I really wish Labour would “Go Fourth”

John Prescott is almost as demented as his colleague Gordon Brown. He writes on his blog,  ironically called Go Fourth (which is where Labour could end up finishing)

…. today the Murdoch family reached a new low in their desperate attempt to turn the election for the Tories.

News International’s Sky News broadcast a PRIVATE conversation between Gordon and his staff.

The very same News International that tapped hundreds of phones and saw one of their reporter’s jailed after listening and publishing conversations involving the Royal Family.

The News of the World and its then editor Andy Coulson claimed it was a ‘rogue reporter’ and that Cameron’s spin doctor knew nothing about it.

So why did they pay off over a million to Gordon Taylor and Max Clifford to buy their silence?

What Murdoch’s Sky News did today was just as bad as his paper’s phone tapping.

It was a breach of privacy, it was underhand and it was done in the pursuit of ratings and political influence.

So let’s show them that Britain is not for sale.

That an Australian with an American passport cannot buy our General Election.

And I’ll be the first to proudly proclaim on May 7 – “It’s the Sun Wot Lost It”

Balls to Prescott.

So what was wrong about Gordon Brown calling a Labour voter a bigot wasn’t Brown saying what he said it was Brown getting caught for saying what he said? Prescott sounds like one of the villains at the end of a Scooby Doo episode.

To Neo Con Labour the Murdoch press was great while they were promoting Blair, especially when they ran all the terrorism stories, which helped Blair and Prescott with their blood lust in Iraq.

The Murdoch empire was great for Neo Con Labour when The Sun printed the faces of the Members of Parliament voting against 90 days internment without trial – calling them traitors (and worse).

Murdoch was great when he was selling Neo Con Labour’s ID cards.

Murdoch was great when he was selling stupid anti terror laws that turned the right to protest in to a right to “request” a protest, that stopped people being able to photograph the police or even buildings.

Prescott was very happy for Murdoch to sell the Neo Con Labour dream.

A dream that smashed opportunity for the poorest in the Country. Neo Con Labour were happy that the Murdoch press helped fuel the property market and they were happy that the real story of the rising debt criss did not get covered.

They were happy that they let Gordon Brown get away with claiming he had “abolished boom and bust”.

Prescott was happy that the press did not pick up on the doubling of tax for the lower paid. Something that was supposed to be implemented the other side of a General Election. If Gordon had of called that election when he was going to there would have been nothing done to reduce that burden.

People on benefits are worse off than they were under the the Tories in 1997, very good news for the millions now unemployed as a result of Neo Con Labour.

The poorest five % are much worse off than 1997. Their incomes have actually dropped.

Fewer Council houses were built under Neo Con Labour than under Thatcher.

Prescott was happy when this was not being reported by his then Murdoch chums.

Labour effectively abolished right to buy, which allowed people a way up and out of poverty. They gave that right to buy to “Housing Action trusts” and all the various other names they have called those schemes since then. Residents could not buy their own home, but some giant Housing Association could privatise their estate. They even got to vote on it. If residents voted no, therefore refusing to transfer their estate from the council to the new private company their estate would be starved of capital, starved of repairs money and denied regeneration funds. All this done by a Labour government, enjoying the active support of the Murdoch press.

Expanded NHS and schools budgets have had all that extra money swallowed up, not by more teachers but by Labour cronies sucking the budget dry with credit card rates of interest for new buildings. PFI deal with Labour donors, after PFI deal means that we do not know how much debt this Country is actually in and will maybe never know.

So yeah, I would just love to see Labour go fourth. Fourth place after the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Prescott – screw you and your war crimes, screw you and your cronies, screw you and your attacks on students and the poor. Go rot in hell with Donald Rumsfield, Dick Cheney and George Bush.

I can not wait until May 7th, waking up to see that the Neo Con wing of the Labour Party gave Labour their worst defeat since 1918. I will then be happy to say “It’s Gordon wot lost it”.

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