Gordon Brown calls lifelong Labour voter a bigot.

The Neo-Con Labour Leader has gaffed again.

He met up with life long working class Labour voters and he was plainly disgusted by what he saw.

One of Gordon Brown’s handlers thought it would be a good idea to introduce him to the grass-roots of the Labour Party. The kind of people who have voted Labour all of their lives because voting Labour to them is the right thing to do. The kind of people he tried to appeal to when HE gabbled on about “British jobs for British workers”. So that makes him a bigot?

Brown had a discussion with the life-long Labour voter Gillian Duffy in the street during a visit to Rochdale, covering issues about how can working class students go to university when Labour is imposing tuition fees and loans on students, state pensions and taxation on pensions, pension credit and Eastern European immigration.

Brown was clearly upset about being questioned by a Labour voter. You could see the frustration in his face. He really did not think people understood issues such as the amount of debt Neo Con Labour put this Country in for its blood lust in Iraq.

Neo Con Labour members are not happy unless they are sipping champagne in Islington, laughing at the working class. It’s what they do. To Neo Con Labour, Mrs Duffy is just a thick old Labour voter who despite being ridiculed will still vote Labour. She may get some red roses and a cheap box of chocolates as an apology. I doubt that she will even get that from him.

Neo Con Labour thinks the working class are too thick.

After he finished talking to her Brown got into his car to say: “You should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? Sue’s I think.

“Everything she said – she’s just this old bigoted woman.”

A great way to talk about working class pensioners Gordon.

Brown clearly showed what he thinks of Northern working class voters.

If Labour voters are thick enough to vote him again they deserve the contempt Brown has for them as well as the contempt felt by the other 80% of the Country.

If Rochdale do not throw Neo-Con Labour out then yes that proves Gordon Brown is right.

Remember – Neo Con Labour is not the Labour Party of old.

UPDATE – Guido reports Gordon is off to add fuel to the fire.

UPDATE 2 – Lord Mandleson of BPI kickbacks says Gordon will be reprogrammed. “Brown does not hold these views“.

UPDATE 3 – I was reminded that this is the PM who darkens the photos of black Leaders.

UPDATE 4 – This is a Prime Minister so contemptible of the views of others, he told Nick Clegg to “get real”. There is a pattern here.

  1. Roger Hydes
    April 28, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    I was deeply saddned to hear of Gordon Browns comments,here a life long labour supporter asked the question about immigration,i wasn’t aware that there was some questions that you cannot ask,here the labour leader had the chance to excell,shine and confront head on what is ultimately on the forefront of many voters minds,Gordon beat around the bush shifted stammered and was a poor ambassador for his party,yet again political correctness was the clear winner,oh how would i dearly love a party leader to issue a statement that reflects how we all feel on this subject.
    The lady was a life long labour supporter who voiced her concerns,Mr Brown was evasive and dodged around the subject.
    I was then disgusted to hear Gordon’s comments off air,to call the lady a bigot one of the backbone of voters for his party is appaling.Gordon should stand down now,i feel he has done irrepairable damage to the campaign and effectively handed the election to the other partys on a plate.Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg will be rubbing their hands with joy at this sureal event.
    I suppose the real question is how does Gordon genuinely feel aout his voters ! you get the impression that he is the lord and we are his peasants and all this campaining is a way to a means in that he continue to live his life of luxury and call his PEOPLE bigots.
    On the speel of this i myself a lifelong labour supporter will be DEFINATELY NOT voting labour,no Mr Brown I’m no BIGOT….

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