Everyone is a bigot now.

Who's the bigot?

Dear x

As you may know, I have apologised to Mrs Duffy for remarks I made in the back of the car after meeting her on the campaign trail in Rochdale today. I would also like to apologise to you.

I know how hard you all work to fight for me and the Labour Party, and to ensure we get our case over to the public. So when the mistake I made today has so dominated the news, doubtless with some impact on your own campaigning activities, I want you to know I doubly appreciate the efforts you make.

Many of you know me personally. You know I have strengths as well as weaknesses. We all do. You also know that sometimes we say and do things we regret. I profoundly regret what I said this morning.

I am under no illusions as to how much scorn some in the media will want to heap upon me in the days ahead.

But you, like I, know what is at stake in the days ahead and so we must redouble our campaigning efforts to stop Britain returning to a Tory Party that would do so much damage to our economy, our society and our schools and NHS, not least in places like Rochdale.

The worst thing about today is the hurt I caused to Mrs Duffy, the kind of person I came into politics to serve. It is those people I will have in my mind as I look ahead to the rest of the campaign.

You will have seen me in one context on the TV today. I hope tomorrow you see once more someone not just proud to be your leader, but also someone who understands the economic challenges we face, how to meet them, and how that improves the lives of ordinary families all around Britain.


Bollocks. Gordon and Neo Con Labour are not sorry for what they said. They really do think that working class Northerners are thick stupid bigots.  Brown is sorry he got caught.

His reaction on the Jeremy Vine show says it all.

He does not care about Labour voters. He doubled taxes for the lowest paid in the Country to fund tax cuts for the City.

Labour candidates do not care because people like Mrs Duffy are the type of people who come out and vote Labour every single time.

Let’s be clear. Brown is apologising because he got caught and because this time even the “thick Northern bigots” have a choice. The thick Northern bigots and the “old bigots”, however Gordon and his boss Lord Mandleson of Loaded refers to them in private have a choice. It’s not just Labour or the scary Tories now.

We also know that if the cameras had followed Brown, Mrs Duffy would probably be in jail now for some random breach of Neo Con Labours “Anti terrorist” laws. It has happened before.

Mrs Duffy is  also lucky ID card laws are not fully implemented. Some Labour minder would have been demanding her papers.

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