It is Gordon Brown that should “Get Real”.

Politics are indeed topsy-turvy in the UK and Labour have consistently shown themselves often to be not only enablers of the Neo Con right in America but further to the right of them. Geoff Hoon, as Neo Con Labour Defence Secretary suggested Britain should go nuclear in Iraq. Oh for the wiser heads of Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney?

Neo Con Labour have also been making the BNP look respectable in some Constituencies, demanding all British immigrants learn English.

Labour Party poster seen in America

It is a strange World but based on the manifestos the Conservatives are now less authoritarian than the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have better tax proposals than the Conservatives.

Neo Con labour - more authoritarian than the Conservatives

However, war criminal financier and current Neo Con Labour Leader Gordon Brown was more than a little bizarre during the second of the Party Leaders debate.

He called Nick Clegg Anti American for no reason, other than one of his advisers must have suggested it was a good thing to do and he then went further than the lunatic Neo-Con Liz Cheney would ever suggest. Not for Brown the 100 year war McCain once suggested but a 100 nation war. Brown said, reading from his Mandleson prepared talking points

We’ve got be to be clear: we cannot allow terrorists to have territory in the world that then they use as a base for attacking the United Kingdom.

The Council for Foreign Relations estimates that Al Qaeda has autonomous underground cells in some 100 countries. So if Neo-Con Labour  got their way Britain would have to fight in 100 Countries across the World.

It is Gordon Brown that needs to get real. If you bomb people they tend to get a little pissed off about it. If you start bombing  people in 100 Countries across the World that is a lot of very pissed off people.

It is quite clear now that Gordon Brown has literally gone insane. If Britain gave Brown a mandate, he would end up making George Bush and Dick Cheney look like peace-loving hippies.

The only thing stopping Brown from acting on his mad neo con rush to bomb his way around the World is his Brown Midas touch with the economy. The Country does not have the money for his new World War.

We are not fighting Al Queda in Afghanistan and have not been since 2002. They left to stir up a fight in a Country they had not previously existed in. Iraq.

There is a need to secure Afghanistan so that an unstable regime there does not undermine the already fragile government of Pakistan, a nuclear power. That requires well-funded, well-armed troops and lots of them to do counter insurgency work.

That will need to be funded and it will certainly not require the expensive folly of replacing Trident.

Recognising that is not Anti-American. Far from it. It shows that Britain understands exactly what the mission is in Af/Pak theatre. It is clear that Gordon does not know why British forces are fighting there – despite the fact he sent more British soldiers to get killed there (not forgetting of course the countless numbers of Afghani civilians who have also been killed).

What is Anti-American though is for Britain to be increasing its nuclear arsenal when Russia and America are looking to reduce theirs.

So Gordon, it is you who should “get real”. We don’t need or want 100 Countries at War. We need a sensible and affordable defence policy and you are not offering that.


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