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I had thought this election was a choice of shit and shite. Either way I was going to get a hangover.

I thought election day would be like a bad night clubbing. I’d end up flirting with someone. Who would depend on all kinds of circumstances. I would then wake up in the morning, look at what I had invited in to my home and go ugh. I would want to hide under the pillows. At least with a one night stand it is over when you kiss the man goodbye after a shower and possibly breakfast and pretend to exchange phone numbers. With an election that choice can last five whole years.

Who was it going to be? Happy smiley Gordon, the older man. Or Dave the Raver with that oh so slightly weird smile.

What a choice.

Neo Con Labour who have moved so far to the right on issues of civil liberties that you had the ghastly scene of their former Leader and un-prosecuted war Criminal complaining that the Tories were too left wing. An incompetent tired Government, led not by Brown but by Mandleson, Patron Saint of the Sacked – someone who always finds a way back. Imposing legislation like the Digital Economy Act and a compulsory ID Card system. A party that should not be forgiven for the war crimes of Iraq, never mind the disastrous state of the economy.

Or the Conservatives, cuddly Tories surrounded by Daily Hate lunatics ready to pick up on every Daily mail headline, simply because they stood for nothing except they were not Labour.

Now there is real possibility of a difference. A few percentage points more could actually see the Liberal Democrats as the largest party, a few more could see them in Government. If people felt confident about their victory, they could even secure a landslide.

The papers and the parties do not know what to do.

Brown is already conceding defeat and offering himself up to any possible loose alliance.

The right-wing press are going on a full-scale attack on the Liberal Democrats which may be a mistake for them – it shows their readers that the Liberal Democrats could actually win.

Labour are running leaflets saying if you vote Lib Dem you get Tory. The Tories are running leaflets saying if you vote Lib Dem you get Labour.

There are actually enough voters who are now starting to realise – if you vote Lib Dem you get Lib Dem.

Nick Clegg is looking like that rare person you meet at the bar. Not just someone I want to take home for the night but someone who I could really want to get to know. My old but somewhat annoying drinking buddies are saying no it is a bad idea. Stick with one of the other two. Go with Gordon or Dave, let them buy you the drinks, but I want to have a conversation with the other guy. He looks like someone you can trust to do the right thing.

Maybe I could say hello and maybe I won’t wake up in the morning with a hangover and someone I regret.

  1. Mr Flubberty Lord of War
    April 22, 2010 at 8:22 am

    Just make sure you use protection.

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