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Go back to your Constituencies and prepare for a fight.

The Liberal Democrats – the only party to have finally stood up against the disgraceful Digital Economy Bill (even though they did so belatedly) have now taken the lead in the opinion polls.

Despite this they still will not form the next Government.

Labour are still in the doldrums. They can not win this General Election.

That however does not mean that the Labour Government is gone. Far from it. The post-debate poll for the Mail has Clegg taking the lead from the Conservatives.

Labour 28%
Conservatives 31%
Liberal Democrats 32%

Liberal Democrats are of course delighted, but they should be wary.

This result would give the Conservatives about 224 seats in the Commons, an increase of 26.

The Liberal Democrats would gain 60 seat but would still only have 122 seats and would therefore remain a minority party.

Neo Con Labour, despite the recession, the disastrous state of the UK budget deficit, the illegal wars and the onset of compulsory National ID cards would still be the largest Parliamentary party with around 273 seats.

The results are from UK Polling Report calculations based on Parliamentary majorities.

With these results Labour will have been re-soundly defeated as a share of the vote. 72% of those voting will have made clear that they do not want another Labour government. They would however remain the largest Party in the Commons.

So we could wake up to find the horrific prospect of having an unelected Prime Minister – re-soundly defeated by the voters remaining as Prime Minister.

Private Eye was right. Brown is very much the Supreme Leader. It appears that not even an election can defeat him.

the Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader

The Party with the lowest share of the votes could remain the Party of Government.

Gordon Brown will see Labour being the largest Party as a vindication of HIS policies. A vindication of the Blair war in Iraq. A vindication of the tax rise on the very poorest in this Country. A vindication of his lies about the perilous state of Government finances. A vindication of allowing Mandleson back to corrupt British politics in a way that gave the UK the lobbyist bought legislation similar to that of the US Congress, namely the Digital Economy Bill.

There is no need to be despondent. One thing Nationwide polling fails to take into account is local feedback. It is why the Tory wipe out in 1997 was bigger than expected at the polls. Constituencies the closed around Edgware hospital  sent Conservatives who held super majorities, such as Rhodes Boyson in Brent North packing. What happens in each constituency matters. Likewise, staying in Brent, there is a real battle in the new Constituency of Brent Central between the respected Sarah Teather and the Obama forging, expense troughing Dawn Butler that is not reflected by summary glances at the 2005 make up of Wards in that Constituency..

Seat projections however assume a uniform swing against Labour in each constituency. That assumption is also weakened by tactical voting and by the battles in marginal seats, which are the real battlegrounds of this election.  So it is up to the voters to make sure a uniform swing does not happen. People outside of the battleground seats – who are being ignored by two main Parties can actually make a difference in this election.

By doing so – you could break the BBC swingometer.

The Liberal Democrats could quite easily defeat Labour. In 190 seats across the Nation they are the opposition Party.

If you want to see Gordon gone, then you must ensure that the swing is not uniform. That means if you are a Conservative or if you are a Liberal Democrat being prepared to do the unthinkable.

In seats where a Liberal Democrat is second to Labour you must vote Liberal Democrat.

In seats where a Conservative is second to Labour you must vote Conservative.

If you want rid of ID cards you will have to do this. ID cards will not be a negotiable policy for Labour as part of a coalition. They have made this clear.

If you want rid of the economics of the Brown stuff you will have to do this.

If you want rid of expense sucking Pig MP’s you will have to do this. There should be no safe seats. In Scotland and Wales you get even more choice. Where the Nationalists are in second place vote for them. The more Nationalist MP’s they are – the greater their say post election day.

Few MP’s deserve re-election. Only those few MP’s that voted against the Digital Economy Bill deserve re-election, however more than anything Lord Mandleson and his Deputy in the Commons must not remain in Government.

That requires tactical voting to defeat Labour.

The prospect of an unwanted Prime Minister remaining in Government should disgust any one who claims to support democracy. Nick Clegg should not be tempted to support this rag bag administration after election day. He should be there to bury the New Labour experiment. Only by rejecting Gordon Brown decisively and electing a wide range of opinion in the Commons can you really ensure a “future fair for all”.

The Liberal Democrats have the best policy on taxation. They are not Labour.

It is time for a debate about true political reform, single transferable vote is the Lib Dem promise and not a reform designed to keep Labour permanently in power.

Send Brown and Mandleson packing. Break the BBC swingometer.

  1. Mr Flubberty Lord of War
    April 20, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    I’m not sure tactical voting would actually produce the best result. Assuming the projections hold out (a very big if) then the Lib Dems get the most votes overall (but the least seats). There will also be a hung parliament – which gives them the mandate and means to get proper electoral reform.

    • April 20, 2010 at 5:44 pm

      It works if you want rid of Brown and Labour. All Brown promised the Liberal Democrats in the first Leaders debate was the alternative vote system, when Lib Dems have consistently supported single transferable vote as a better reflection of the voters wish.

      The big torpedo for the Liberal Democrat “surge” is the question from Tories, will you keep a discredited Labour Government rejected by 70% of the electorate in power? Labour voters will ask will you put the Tories in to power?

      Yes to either could damage the Liberal Democrats.

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