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Oh dear – now it seems Willow is becoming a Palin wild child

What a great role model

What a great role model

The National Enquirer is reporting that Willow Palin is flipping over to the dark sided stuff.

Big sister Bristol made headlines with her out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and now Willow has been named as a participant in a teenage booze bash that got out of hand, say sources.

“Willow has been running with the wrong crowd,” confides a friend. “They are a popular high school clique known as the Colony Girls, who are well known as hard partiers and are regularly involved in underage drinking and smoking dope.”

Willow recently attended a party thrown at a school pal’s former family home – after others broke into it, according to the friend.

“About two dozen kids broke into the house that was up for sale. They drank, played beer pong, listened to loud music – and trashed the place.

“Police were notified, and they investigated the incident for possible vandalism and breaking and entering. When the pal who threw the bash was questioned by police, she named Willow as one of the partiers.”

Beer Pong (not the horrible morning after smell)

Beer Pong

Throw the ball across the table, land it in the cups filled with beer - Drink.

Of course you have to remember the ball doesn’t always land in a cup. Some turns it lands in places no where near a cup. Places that aren’t even on the ping pong table. Nasty places which become increasingly acceptable the drunker you get.

Track Palin, Bristol Palin and now Willow. All rebels and mavericks.

Who blames them? I imagine that when Mother Palin returns to the house it is not too dissimilar to the video below (except of course Mother Palin would not tear up money).

  1. Codjo Mentor Present
    April 5, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    well, you know, her parents are gonna ground her, so the only boy she’s gonna have access to, will be ….. brother Track. Just like Bristol. And where that leads to, we’ve all seen with Downs syndrome ‘brother’ Trig.

  1. April 1, 2010 at 10:01 pm

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