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The Republicans and Mormons are in trouble. There was “contact” with the 15 year old girl, she was in love and the Church tried to cover it up.

Kevin Garn was 30, she was 15. The age of consent in Utah is 18. He was rich and “knew how to massage”. She had puppy love for him and he abused his position. Not only that the State’s Mormon Leadership knew about it and failed to provider her any support.

The local paper is really doing some damage to the so called Party of family values.

Garn told reporters last night,

I can unequivocally tell you there was no physical contact, there was no touching, there was no intercourse, there was none of those things. It simply did not occur. …I’m not trying to downplay what did occur but I want to make it very plain.

Maher says he’s lying, but is hesitant to give her version of events.

“Let’s just say this. He really loves to massage,” Maher told City Weekly when asked for details of the contact in the hot tub. Maher, though, talks less about how that particular encounter traumatized her and more about the emotional relationship she had with Garn. “I was in love with him,” she said.


She’s also angry at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who she accuses of being notified of the abuse on multiple occasions and not offering her adequate services or support, even as Garn’s position in the church–from her perspective–was unaffected.

Garn, Maher says, was her fourth grade sunday school teacher, though their affair wouldn’t begin for several years after that.

“In the church, people feel they can trust everybody,” said Maher, who was excommunicated a few years ago for an extra-marital affair. “You’re supposed to be safe with the priesthood holder, or whoever you’re with. And I think my Mom and Dad felt that way. ‘He’s taking her out to lunch. Oh, he’s taken her shopping. She’s taken care of.’ They had no idea. That was the trust in the church and I think that needs to be looked at.”

More here:-


Could it get any worse for the Utah Republicans?

Absolutely. The local paper have the made e-mails between Garn, his wife, Maher, and her husband from 2002 and 2003 available for download.


How much did the Mormon church donate to the Proposition H8 campaign again?

Family values Party my arse and where is Amy Siskind and her PUMA Lite hypocrites on this?

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