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Well that’s Blanche Lincoln gone. PUMA Amy Siskind is endorsing her.

Senator Blanche Lincoln finds herself in the political version of a perfect storm. Her home state of Arkansas is centrist. Predictably, Republicans are chastising her vote for Obama’s health care legislation. Progressive organizations, unexpectedly, are throwing millions of dollars behind a male Democrat to challenge Senator Lincoln in a primary. And shockingly, a women’s organization dedicated to getting women elected says she deserves it. Despite all the darts being thrown at Senator Lincoln from seemingly every direction, I’ll stand with her. And here’s why you should too.


This was of course cross-posted at her blog.

So what kind of support would the New Agenda offer? Arranging to pay down the campaign debts? PUMAS’s were a great help to Hillary Clinton with that. They hindered her efforts by going on Fox News to claim that they had them all paid.

I wonder where that money went?

Offering to provide the IP addresses of any female bloggers that happen to oppose her online so that her friends could visit them with baseball bats?

Getting Blanche associated with a bunch of radical racist and sexist extremists?

Given the PUMA track record of FAIL that the New Agenda has, if I were Lincoln I’d start packing my bags.

  1. yukkitz
    March 19, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    my my my. lookie who’s using newfound religion to drive in the donations: why, none other than the “Hillbuzz over-the-hill “boiz” racketeers!!


    • March 19, 2010 at 9:51 pm

      Yeah, I noticed that and the begging for money to see Sarah Palin even though the event only costs $50 ($50 way too much). They are beneath contempt.

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