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Screw Republican Revisionist History about the Falklands

Hillary Clinton has suggested Britain should talk to Argentina about the Falklands and that America could act as an independent negotiator. As far as Britain is concerned, there is no dispute. So there is no need to talk. Gordon Brown could discuss the weather, or something I guess.

The Argentinian Prime Minister could discuss how water flows down a drain pipe differently on the Southern half of the equator.

Regardless of what many people in Britain are seeing as a Clinton gaffe, the American far right claiming Reagan helped the British with the Falklands War and this is a complete and utter lie.

Ronald Reagan was no help to Britain over the Falklands. The President didn’t even have a united Cabinet on the issue. Most of his Cabinet backed the Fascist Argentinian junta as a bloc against “Communism”. There were two groups within his Cabinet, the ‘Latinistas’ and the ‘Atlanticists’.

The ‘Latinistas’ opposed giving Britain any support during the conflict. They claimed that the rise of Communism was such a great threat in Latin America that failure on the part of the US to support the Argentineans would destroy Argentina and turn it and the rest of Latin America further towards Communism.

The fact that opponents of the Argentinian Government were “disappearing” counted very little to the senile idiot or his Government. The fact that the people in the Falkland Islands were British and did not want to be part of a Fascist Government was of no relevance.

The Ambassador to the United Nations for the Reagan admin was Jeanne Kirkpatrick. She attended a dinner at the Argentinean embassy in the US shortly after she heard of their invasion of the Falklands. Her support for Argentina so offended the British Ambassador, Nicholas Henderson that he asked her if the Americans would be happy if he attended dinner at the Iranian embassy, shortly after Iran had taken 52 Americans hostage.

The Secretary of State was Alexander Haig. Reagan gave him the role of seeking a peaceful settlement of the dispute. Thatcher told him that she would not negotiate until the Argentinians withdrew from the Falklands. To do otherwise would be defeat.

He reported this back to General Galteiri who did not believe that the British would fight and that if they did the Argentinians would win.

Caspar Weinberger was the ‘Atlanticist’, he acted effectively as a mole in the American administration. He used the divisions, distrust and lack of structure in the Reagan administration to provide unofficial support to Britain. For that support he was given a Knighthood.

He arranged for equipment to be provided for Britain to use during the War. Weinberger claimed that he has received authorisation from Ronald Reagan to provide covert support to the UK. Admiral Dennis Blair and Haig both refuted that. They were also acting under different orders.

Alexander Haig years later told the BBC that the divisions were due to Reagan’s administration being a ‘loose ship’ with a ‘flawed system’ of conducting policy. For this he blamed the staff working for Reagan.

The US refused to provide any base for the UK to use. The Latinistas won that battle. So Britain sought help from Pinochet to provide a base.

The British sought AIM-9M’s from the US and they were turned down. The US had provided Argentina with boots and kit. They had also trained the Argentinian Army. France, although they had sold Argentina exocet missiles, agreed to a ban on further sales and provided the codes to disarm the missiles should the British get near them.

Overall, there was a drying up of military equipment in the battle. This proved to be advantageous to the British, who were used to heavily rationed kit. The American trained Argentinians had assumed a continual supply of heavy equipment, which was not forthcoming.

Britain won the war, with only tacit at best support from the US.

So Reagan fans and Republican Clinton bashers can go kiss big fat British arse.

  1. Adam Collyer
    March 4, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    It is true that the US under Reagan was torn between the UK and Argentina, but the US did provide some support in the end, including equipment and also taking over Britain’s normal NATO duties so that the UK forces were freed up to go to the Falklands. The impression in Britain was that the US tried to avoid taking sides but when forced to choose, broadly supported the British.

    At the moment it looks as if the US is supporting Argentinian claims to the Falklands, which I can tell you is not going down well here in the UK.

    • thebigotbasher
      March 4, 2010 at 11:02 pm

      I agree, although I think it is more of a Hillary gaffe than a policy change. The official policy has always been impartiality on the Falklands, but since the War it was never really an issue. Now that oil is likely to be drilled Argentina is getting excitable again (also there is an election there soon).

      Latin America can propose as many motions at the UN as they want about the “Malvinas” but the UK still has a veto, so they will always fail.

      I doubt military action would be needed again, but if it was, I have my doubts about a British win. Such a loss would however destroy the Prime Ministerial career of who ever is in Office during the War.

  2. March 4, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Dear Sir,

    You quote my article as an example of the American far right misremembering Ronald Reagan’s actions during the last Falkland War. I appreciate being called far right, and being used as an example in your article. What a coup for my new blog: http://corybirenbaum.blogspot.com.

    However, with all due respect, I believe that I am correct. On April 30th of 1982, President Reagan ended Secretary of State Al Haig’s peace mission and declared US support for Britain, he then imposed economic sanctions on Argentina, and he offered Britain materiel and intelligence aid. I believe that certain satellite images were particularly helpful to the UK war effort.

    I am wrong often enough in life that you need not add to my record too quickly

    Kind regards,


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