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Silence you American serfs – Lady Lynn de Forestation told you how to vote. You ignored her. How dare you?

Silence, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, billionaire jet setter and PUMA heroine wishes it to be known that you American serfs got it wrong. President Obama is a lefty pinko commie and she told you so.

Lady Loads of Money De Rotschild was wanting her servant to write for the New Agenda, who are holding a dinner in honour of the great Lady as a model of New Agenda feminism (loving Sarah Palin, hating black people and threatening women bloggers with cricket bats – way to go Amy Siskind a very new “feminist” agenda).

The poor serf, who would also have the job of looking after her small home in Buckinghamshire, pictured

small detatched house in Buckinghamshire
(that is one house)

penned the article, asked Lady Sucks for Billions (to be fair I would) where should he send this diatribe? Lady Laughingstock had some difficulty thinking of the name PUMA, having consumed too much Chateau Lafitte (the family wine) and said send it to the people named after that dirty beast.

a cute PUMA - not Amy

Lady Lynn De Forestation declared that she wished to visit her friends across the pond presently. Of course Lady Lynn who is married in to a family that owns half the World (and the half not owned by her family is mortgaged to them) actually believes the Atlantic ocean is a pond in her small home.

Lady Lynne De Loadeds small detached house

Lady Lynne De Loadeds small detached house

The poor serf who was allowed momentary access to the diamond studded laptop of Lady Loot de bank de Rottingchild thus found The Daily Beast via a google search for dirty beast America.

Lady Lynne de Marrying on Up visits her small New York Complex which she is forced to share with other peasants every now and again

River House New York

Anyway Lady Lynn de Luxury Jet wishes to inform you that the President is a scary Communist with a hidden agenda and that Sarah Palin rules. So there. She knows best and she told all of you serfs how you should vote. She now wants radical moderates to take over both parties. After all a Senate consisting entirely of Evan Bayh and Nelson clones would be of so much benefit to you ungrateful oiks.

Despite owning half the World, she is not elitist at all. The scary black man in the White House is. She knows what an elitist is after all.

While visiting the oiks on the other side of the pond, she was asked to appear on Fox and Friends. Where she repeated the exact same crap her serf had written for her.

Poor Lady Lynn De Luded got confused, she thought this is what was meant by Fox and Friends.

Listen to Lady Lynn De Laughingstock. She knows what is right for America. Her gardener tells her.

  1. Bill Gray
    August 10, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    You like to smoke a little bit of cock on a regular basis, don’t you faggot?

    • August 10, 2011 at 9:25 pm

      Absolutely, I also enjoy full on anal and some teabagging every now and again. I’m sure you love teabagging as well.

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