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When is a fundamentalist not a fundamentalist?

Last night a 250lb car bomb went off in the streets of Newry, Northern Ireland. The explosion could be heard from 2 miles away. Thankfully it killed no one, however that was more by luck than design, the bombers left only a seventeen minute warning. While police were still evacuating the area, the bomb went off.

It is quite clear that these people are nothing but religious fundamentalists filled by hate; they want to drag Northern Ireland back from its still relatively uneasy, but very much appreciated peace.

A peace won by the ballot, not the bullet.

So it sickens me to see these wannabe murderers and failed terrorists described as “dissident republicans“.

They are not dissidents. They are not like the Soviet dissidents, they are not setting off bombs on the streets of Northern Ireland because they are fighting an oppressive government. They are fighting their own people.

The Government of Northern Ireland is comprised of a very broad spectrum of people, from catholic to protestant, unionist to nationalist. People who were once facing each other through the barrel of a gun or the remote of a bomb. For the greater good of the people who have to and choose to live in those once troubled 6 counties, they have come together to make the Government work for the people of Northern Ireland.

The terrorists who want to kill the peace process carry no support in any part of the island of Ireland.

They are fundamentalists, extremists, terrorists.

They are the same kind of fundamentalist nuts who carry out extremism in the name of Islam, only this time they claim it in the name of Christianity dressed as Nationalism.

To hell with them and the cross they ride on. The people of Northern Ireland want and deserve better. Savage fundamentalists are not going to break the Irish spirit or their much deserved peace.

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