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Courtroom FAIL

It is hard enough to take a photograph in London, without some clipboard carrying pretend police officer harassing you,

High visibility wastes of money

High visibility wastes of money

worse you may even get stuck in jail by a real cop for terrorism.

So you would expect that this Country, which has more cctv cameras per person than anywhere else in the World, would find it some what difficult to lose a suspected armed robber deemed to be highly dangerous.

That is of course what has happened. A man accused of a violent armed robbery just happily strolled out of Court.

Highly dangerous - so allowed to go free

Highly dangerous - so allowed to go free

Peter Blake is considered so dangerous that his trial is the first major Crown Court criminal trial in something like 400 years to be held without a jury, after previous trials collapsed because of jury nobbling.

The robbery Blake is accused of was extremely violent. Sixteen members of staff were tied up and held hostage, at least three shots were discharged, two employees were pistol-whipped, and one employee was kicked so hard he had to be treated for fractured ribs.

So of course, Blake was let out on bail.

Reportedly, the Court Service thought he was a good boy. According to the BBC a spokesman for the Judicial Communications Office said: “Mr Blake has complied with bail conditions throughout the two-and-a-half years.

“He attended the morning session and the start of the afternoon session. He left the court building having been permitted to consult his legal team.”
The spokesman continued: “Mr Blake failed to return to the courtroom.”

He simply walked out of the Court and not a single person was there to stop him.

Blake did not exactly go on the run. He went on the stroll.

It gets better. They then gave him a massive head-start. Not a head-start of a few minutes, or a few hours. A 24 hour head-start. The Times reports :-

He was last seen at the start of the afternoon session. But at about 2.15pm he is understood to have been granted leave to speak to his lawyers about a relative who wanted to withdraw a large amount of his £250,000 surety. If the funds had been withdrawn, Mr Blake, who has been on bail, would probably then have been remanded in custody.

Soon afterwards Mr Blake, wearing a black raincoat, walked through the security arches, pushed open the heavy wooden double doors overlooking the Strand and disappeared into the bustling city street.

He was reported missing on Wednesday afternoon but an urgent police appeal could not be issued until Thursday, when the court became available to approve the decision to alert the public. Closed-circuit television footage is being analysed to see if he had an accomplice acting as a getaway driver.

Blake, is one of four defendants in the trial. The Prosecution was near to finishing their case. The three other defendants are still on bail.

All of the above makes this statement, somewhat ironic

Det Supt Stuart Cundy, of the MPS Flying Squad, said: “Peter Blake is considered dangerous and we ask members of the public not to approach him, but if they do see him to call 999 immediately.”

So far the only people to get stiffed by this trial is the taxpayer. It has cost £22 million so far.

I can not say I am surprised. He wasn’t speeding, didn’t drop litter, wasn’t a group of kids hanging round a park, he wasn’t taking a picture of a policeman. As for dangerous, he doesn’t look “foreign” and he wasn’t carrying a rucksack. Why would he be a priority?

If I wasn’t bald I would be.

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