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Stupid Hoon

So the Hoon is going. Geoff Hoon quits knowing he is a failure of a politician in the eyes of the public.

Geoff Hoon resigns his seat, the Constituency of Ashfield at the next General Election. Good bloody riddance.

Political careers always end in failure, Mr Hoon’s is no different. It is unfortunate that his proudest moment in politics represented one of the low points in history for the United Kingdom and the United States.

It is sad to think that the Hoon probably has this picture on his mantlepiece.

Geoff Hoon - his proudest moment

Geoff Hoon - his proudest moment

The failed Ex Secretary of State for Defence who was responsible for implementing the War crimes of Tony Blair, who then became a failed Candidate for EU High Commissioner and then became Leader of a failed putsch against Gordon Brown, is too cowardly to see face an electorate who I am sure would have been delighted to show Mr Hoon the Hoon what they felt of him.

Geoff Hoon should be grateful, history has been very unkind to him. His happy hand holding days with Donald Rumsfield are by many, long forgotten.

His idiocy was sadly nothing to be laughed at.

  • He want much further than his American collegaues, suggesting Britain was prepared to go nuclear against Iraq.
  • The Hoon claimed, in Parliament, that two trailers found in Iraq were mobile weapons laboratories, and continued to repeat that claim, despite knowing that the trailers were for filling hydrogen balloons.
  • The Hoon had Departmental responsibility for the death of Dr David Kelly, the man whose apparent suicide was at the very least caused by his Department setting New Labour attack dogs on him. The Hoon admitted, maybe his Department could have done more for Dr Kelly.
  • It was put to Hoon in a Radio 4 interview that an Iraqi mother of a child killed by one of over 800 unexploded cluster bomblets dropped over Iraq, shortly after the invasion, would not thank the British army. He replied “One day they might”.
  • The Hoon was personally condemned by an international delegation of European MPs for evading questions about Britain’s co-operation with the CIA’s so-called ‘extraordinary rendition’ programme.
  • A Council of Europe report found that Britain was heavily involved in the US kidnapping and torture programme.

Despite his disgraceful actions and inactions, he will be remembered not for his time as Secretary of State for Defence, a once great office. He will be remembered for being a hoon. A Hoon in name and a hoon by nature.

Geoff Hoon - the Hoon. How will always be remembered.

Geoff Hoon - the Hoon. How will always be remembered.

The Comical Ali of British politics. So great a political failure that if ever the crimes of Tony Blair and George Bush were put before a Court, his role in that would just be laughed off.

His personal abuse of taxpayers funds should not  be forgotten either. He rented out his London home and claimed expenses on his constituency house. While doing so, he had lived in state-owned, rent-free housing in Admiralty House. The Hoon said that he had only claimed what he was entitled to.

Being a hoon, that wasn’t the limit of his greed either. On top of getting expenses for a property he was renting out, while living rent free, the Hoon was taking full advantage of the property bubble that has left millions of people in debt, without a home (something a Labour Minister now dismisses as probably a good thing for many), and without a job, while flipping his “main home” to avoid capital gains tax.

Goodbye Geoof Hoon, you disgrace to public office.  It is a pity that the public did not get to see you being defeated on election night, that would have been a final  of act of political decency you could have displayed towards the United Kingdom. Not unexpected though, you had to hoon that up as well.

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