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So what will Iran do on February 11th?

According to wingnuts, Iran is expected to “clobber the West” on February 11th, the anniversary of their revolution.

All of the loony right blogs are busy dancing round their burning crosses, pretty much claiming that Iran is about to ignite the battle of the Crusades (I kind of thought that the guy who most wanted that left Office at 11:59 on January 20, 2009).

The ever nutty Pamela Geller provides an example of this quick, quick, panic, panic fear-mongering for a $ so beloved of American right wing blogs. Careful about clicking that link, her site is so full of nonsensical conspiracy theories, hate, bigotry and adverts for any idiot selling fear that even a quad-core processor will try and jump out of its socket.

I really do not think Iran is going to do anything stupid like lobbing a bomb at Israel. All of that has been hyped up by the far right to generate more fear. Fear and hate make for great cash donations. And what better way to get those $$s in then raking up Anti-Islamic hate mixed in with fear of the big bogeyman of Iran?

So what could Iran do to show the West? Well Iran has vast oil reserves, but it also has very few facilities to refine that oil. So as a result, it has to re-import 40% of the oil it needs.

China has the capacity to refine oil. They have also not as supported sanctions against Iran. Despite US pressure. Chavez has been increasingly pro-Iran as well. In contrast, the American Congress voted to impose sanctions on any non Iranian firm aiding refinement.

So could Iran make a formal announcement that oil will go to China to be refined and used and in exchange they will sell fuel grade plutonium to Iran for power?

This then means any threat of sanctions is moot. Iran would be getting fuel grade plutonium, not weapons grade, so there would be no justification for sanctions or even invasion.

Nuclear power would allow Iran to release all of their oil to market, limited only by how fast as they could suck it up out of the ground. Again, effectively destroying any sanctions that could be imposed.

Even without the plutonium deal, a major refinery deal would still seriously knock any Western moves to impose sanctions on Iran off the table.

The Bush wars alone have certainly helped to prove that the US is in no position to push China around. After all what could the US do?

I’m just guessing of course, but it makes a lot more sense than the crap that the far right are coming out with. Especially given that the French, who have had a history of trade with Iran are now looking at sanctions. Maybe they did not get the oil deal.

We find out tomorrow.

(If you want to lean more about Pamela Geller, Loonwatch is a good place to start and far better than her processor killing emporium of hate).

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