I’m here

Right here at this bit. I have only collected 40 of the 100 treasures though, making me a bit of a crap collector. I have still not gone online with this yet, yep this game has online too how brilliant is that? Eat that, Lara Croft.

On hard mode, it is a lot harder than the video. When playing on normal mode, I finished it on the second attempt. On hard mode, this guy just kicks arse.

I have done other things, other than sitting around in my underpants eating “mac and cheese” , after all I had to go out and buy cigarettes in. I had to disguise myself from mad Republican hordes looking for their pound of “Liberal meat”.

I also watched some politics shows over the weekend. Wow, it cries.

Gordon was on the news yesterday morning, grieving the loss of his daughter, 20 years ago or so.

I kind of felt bad for him.

Then Ali Campbell, ex PR hack for a War Criminal, who has about as much of a heart as Glen Beck passing a homeless person in the street cried too.

I kind of no longer felt sorry about Gordon and wondered whether this was some New Labour trickery between now and the election.

It kind of worked for Hillary in the American Primaries. Her vote did increase as a result, so it might work for New Labour.

I’d rather see some real tears for the unemployment caused as a result of Gordon Brown playing the role of junior George Bush for the last however long. An economy built solely on a capital bubble was never ever a good idea. I doubt that those tears will be shed though.

I wonder if Lord Mandleson will be sitting at the side of tv stations with a emote control nut-cracker ready to to use at the right moment, during future Ministerial interviews?

Anyway back to playing Uncharted 2.

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