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Tony Blair and The Iraq War Inquiry. The 10 questions I would ask him.

B liar

B liar. Protestors wait for Blair to lie to the Inquiry

1. What agreement was made with George Bush about the invasion of Iraq at Camp David and why?

2. What threat was there that required such an urgent intervention?

3. Given the opposing legal advice about the legality of war, given your previous role in law, wouldn’t it have been better to err on the side of caution?

4. Why did you let the 45 minute claim pass? Who was behind this claim?

5. Did you place pressure on the Attorney General to change his mind about the legality of the War?

6. Was Saddam Hussein a greater threat than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

7. Wasn’t the unrest in Afghanistan and Pakistan a greater threat to the US, UK and the region than Iraq?

8. What were your reasons for ignoring the United Nations when you had previously seen their support as critical?

9. Do you still stand by the speech you made to the US Congress, which helped sell the war to America?

10. The Government is now withholding crucial papers from this Inquiry, do you support that?

I do not hold my breath waiting for the tough questions or for honest replies from Blair. I’d also love a follow up to ask is the World really safer as a result of this War?

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