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Are Republicans really that stupid?

This is going to be, certainly for now, my last post on Hillbuzz because this crap is all rather boring and stupid to me.

I have nothing to do with Rumproast. Your attacks on them are unfair and unreasonable. I have in the past commented there that is all.

I have nothing to do with George Soros or the owners of Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground. I post on DU and KOS, that is all. (I really can not believe how stupid beyong all recognition of teh stoopid that those Soros stories are).

I have say that the stupidity of people who were happy to keep Bush in power for 8 long dark years has been more than revealed to me. They are just complete bloody idiots. Lunatics.

There were no threats made from my blog to or about Ken Dicksplat or whatever his name is. Not here, not on DU or on Daily Kos.

The picture Kevin Dickweed is getting excitable about was a picture of him with Michael Steele, easily found elsewhere on line.

Finding out who is behind Hilbuzz is easy. I can show you.

I must say that the thing I absolutely find so completely laughable is how many Republicans are falling for this crap. I actually have to say – well done to Kevin, keep up the good work. Keep getting stupid Republicans to give you lots of money to chase ghosts.

Just a reminder to Mr DuJan – you drawing attention to my blog entry on you continually highlights the fact that YOU made a direct and serious threat to the President of the United States of America and Congress.

(ps – arse-wipes – Seanosul was from the old days of the internet when usernames were 8 charcters long. There are loads of those usernames still around. So try some other sap. I have let facebook know so that Seanosul can update his profile. Hey there is also another Bigot Basher in MA, findable via linkedin. So keep learning how to use google you idiot bigots. How many Sean O’Sullivans or Sean Sullivans can you bloody well target, you idiots)

With love and kisses

[Update – support from an unusual place – http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/]

Now I say to the stupid Republicans who keep searching for who I am – go read that article above. Why would Hillbuzz need loads of donations to ask a blog to refute anything, Google is FREE. There was no libel, no slander or no call to attack the Rush Limbaugh’s Chicago babes.

You have been HAD. Stupid, stupid stupid people.

Here is the KOS article you so fear. Nine replies. Nine.

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  1. Steve Robinson
    January 26, 2010 at 11:30 am

    You stated that this was going to be your last post. Did you lie?

    You call anyone who disagrees with you ‘stupid’ or ‘lunatic’. Really smart, huh? Whenever you resort to name-calling you’ve already lost the argument. It’s called ‘ad hominem’ attack. To explain it to a fool, If you discredit the person making the argument, then his/her arguement is clearly wrong.

    By the way, threatening to assemble in Washington and march on Congress or the White House is NOT a threat on POTUS.

    And not wanting a Marxist as president is NOT racist. Making that accusation appears to be just your pathetic, lame, loser attempt to shut up anyone who dares to disagree with you.

    You are an anonymous coward!

  2. thebigotbasher
    January 27, 2010 at 6:00 am

    It was my last post on Hillbuzz idiots. So no I did not.

    Threats to march on Washington are fine, threats to remove the heads of Members of Congress and the President are not.

    Anyone who thinks Obama is a Marxist is quite simply just crazy and no not a racist. DuJan however is a straight up bigot who, if I have stopped him getting employment with the African American community, when he calls them “paranoid and lazy”, then I am glad.

    Please go back and donate your life savings to him. He really needs the money to tackle this giant den of Obots.

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