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What has the modern day GOP become?

What has the GOP become? A bunch of fundamentalist Christians, hardly any different from the lunatics running Uganda, dancing to the tunes of Rush and Sarah.

Where is the Party of Lincoln, Roosevelt or Eisenhower now? Being stamped on by the stilettos of Sarah Palin. So much so that the New York Republican Party was unable to choose their own candidate for a little tiny By Election. Sarah Palin a possible Republican Presidential Candidate gave her seal of approval to a Third Party candidate and because their Leadership is so afraid of her and her ilk, their whole Party machine and every other front runner turned against one of their own as well.

They have allowed Fox News to drive their agenda. To the modern day GOP idiot America is at War with Islam. In fact they love that idea. To them a full out religious war would bring on the “end times”.

To them, there was no deficit built up During the Reagan to Bush II years. It all appeared, as if by magic on January 20, 2009.

There was no recession prior to January 20. Stopping the banking and automotive industries collapsing was socialist”.

They applaud every Anti American position in order to gain some cheap poll points.

Look at how they clapped when America did not get the Olympics.

Look at how they r(R)ushed to every microphone going to blame the President for the Fort Hood shootings.

You can see the palpable disappointment on their faces as yet again they run to a microphone to spout on about the underwear bomber. That disappointment is not about how the Dutch airport authorities allowed a man with a bomb on the plane, no, you can see that they are actually pissed the bomb did not go off.

Bob Dole was a signatory on the Clinton health care plan, until he became scared of a Newt. Republican Senator Bob Bennett teamed with Democratic Senator Ron Wyden to propose a health care bill, that was almost entirely the same as the health care bill that passed the Senate. The GOP of today became scared of teabags.

The Republicans are not leading their supporters. All the Congressional GOP have to offer is that they are not the Democratic Party. Where as the Democratic Party in Congress finds itself blackmailed by a few right wing whackos, much to the annoyance of the Party supporters, the Republican Party is now terrified by unelected and unelectable extremists pushing them and their supporters further towards the politics of oblivion, all the while being clapped on and whipped up fat zealot and a former Governor whose sole political achievement was quitting.

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