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Life imprisonment for gays means death

December 24, 2009 5 comments

We have a Country backed by massive International aid that first wanted to literally kill the gay, now only wants to imprison them for life.

That Country carries the support of Congress members (and possibly even the Secretary of State) through “The Family”.

That Country was given the support of Rick Warren. He denies it now.

That Country is not some mad Islamic State. It is a Christian State, every bit as fundamental as Iran, Saudi Arabia or wherever the right want to go on about out of faux concern.

We hear very little about this. There is no official US stance on what is being proposed by this bigoted Nation. Silence, despite the fact that the silence that surrounds may cause this cancer of religious promoted bigotry to spread.

It is after all nice and easy to attack Islam as an extremist religion. The double standards on this potential massacre are disgusting.

The worst thing is those on the Christian right are probably applauding this.

Why does life sentence mean death? Because Christian bigots can pick on anyone different, anyone who is suspiciously gay and kick them to near death. The victim will be unable to report it because they will face life in prison. How nice. Ugandan Happy Camps.


How the “Third Way” screwed the World.

December 22, 2009 1 comment

After the 1940s when Allied troops won a victory over fascism, with the loss of millions of lives, the capitalist system tself faced a crisis. It was no longer politically acceptable to have Soldiers return home to face abject poverty. In the United Kingdom, the first Labour Government was elected on a promise of homes for heroes. They delivered a National Health Service, unemployment benefits and widespread decent Local Authority Housing. LBJ did the same in America, with benefits for orphans and widows.

Those elements of support saved the capitalist system. It also introduced a mindset into Government. Government was not just there to spend money on war. Government also had to protect the people it served from the deprivations of poverty and ignorance.

That consensus continued throughout the 1960’s and 70’s. It was smashed in the 1980’s.

Public expenditure became bad. Private was good. The Republicans suddenly found Hayek and Friedman and ran with a prostituted bastardised version of their teachings. The Laffer curve, invented on the back of a hankie, produced a mentality that if there was a tax – cut it. The more boring long winded version of there are optimum levels of taxation got ignored. Tax cuts were not a means of running the economy, nor were they any longer a means for redistribution of wealth, they were an end in them self.

Laws affecting business were also deemed bad. Years of laws designed to protect the consumer were sacrificed on the alter of deregulation.

The Republicans were however especially awful at controlling public expenditure. In order to ensure that they would be elected, after alienating many of the Government officials, branded pen pushers, that they would lay waste to, they needed a new audience. They found the Christian right. They set about bankrupting the economies of the USSR by upping the Arms race and the Space race. In addition, after having introduced cocaine in a massive way to the club scenes and crack to the streets, in order to pay for an illegal war in Nicaragua, they then introduced a war on drugs.

These new wars would have bankrupted any previous President. Wall Street was however convinced that fiscal policy no longer mattered, monetary policy was all that counted.

Pay was not rising, but imports were cheap, so those in work felt better off.

When growth started to happen in the US, few Republicans associated that growth with good old Keynes, despite massive increases in expenditure caused by the wars against everything. It was according to them, success on monetary policy.

Everyone could be a part of the new American dream. Those not in work became worthless. They were welfare queens. They did not need to work because we were told, they were better off on benefits. Mums dropped babies to stay on benefits. The men all just smoked weed and crack. Welfare was demonised.

The 1980s did lead to growth in many areas. Mainly the economy acting as a service industry. The Anglo American model was deemed to be dead. It would be far better for the UK and US to specialise in financial services and retail. The great money markets would provide. Old heavy industry could go the way of the dodo. If you questioned this you were a modern day Luddite.

Still there was that little thing of the deficit. Reagan started highlighting the UK, which had adopted much of the monetarist approach to economics. Scotland and the North of England had bene laid waste to massive unemployment as a result of the UK Government allowing whole Industries, especially coal, to die. However the South and South East were in a boom on the back of a newly connected International City.

“Popular capitalism” had arrived in the UK. Anyone and everyone was encouraged to buy shares. Council houses were sold at a heavy discount. Working people felt richer. Pay was also increasing unlike in the US.

The fact that the UK was benefiting from an American boom was of course not relevant to the UK success story. Even today, its economy is tied up, not in Europe, but in the US.

Of course none of that mattered, the small builder, plumber, painter, was making “loadsofmoney”.

It took a small little, unnoticed kick to finally remove the element of opportunity from this new monetarist dream. So small, it was hardly noticed. It also took “softer” less harsh leaders to do it. Quite simply because neither Thatcher or Reagan could have got away with doing it.

Clinton, then Major removed property prices from the inflation index. Of course there was a sensible reason why. You only buy one property.

When the dot com bubble collapsed investment funds transferred to property. In the UK “Buy to Let” was encouraged by the banks as a way of getting a tenant to pay for your pension.

House prices rose at an exponential rate. Unlike the 80s, because they were no longer part of the inflation index, that element of inflation no longer needed to be controlled. Interest rates could be kept low.Of course, that element of pay negotiation was also removed. What did it matter, you could buy a 4×4 on the back of your new found wealth.

It took a Democratic President to cut unemployment insurance in the States. It took the newly elected Labour Government to do it in the UK. The Welfare Queen argument had been adopted by the “left”.

All of those who brought their houses in the early 90s were suddenly feeling richer. The fact that their pay had not gone up did not matter. They could buy their new car on the back of the equity that they had earnt by remortgaging. The debt did not matter. US fiscal policy had become personal fiscal policy.

First time buyers were being excluded from the market. The salary multiples on mortgages no longer worked. So mortgages were repackaged. They were to be sold on how much they cost each month. The 3 x salary calculation become a side issue. The fact it was still on forms – do not worry about that. These loans became known as self certified, or sub-prime. So new people could feed the growing market and those who got on the ladder could feel richer.

Pay on both sides of the Atlantic did not increase. What matter, we all had more equity,

Then the collapse came. No-one knew how many of these loans were valid. The poor became blamed for signing up to them. Despite having been told this was the right thing to do. The banks who encouraged this got the bail out, the people who could not pay got shafted. They were guilty because they lied. It sounds like the welfare queen shit all over again.

Now we have the new model of Social Security being delivered as part of the US health care package. A family on $54,000 will “only” have to find $10,000 to pay their $20,000 insurance bill (plus co-pays etc etc). The family on $54,050 will have to find $20,000. So I would love to give you a pay rise this year, but as it will make you worse off I can not.

It took the “new left”, whoever the fuck they were to shaft working people. And I am sorry if you did not get on the ladder in the 80’s there is no way you are getting on it now. Those rungs have been removed and will never come back.

Nice to know that house prices are starting to go up again, the poor had billions taken from them to pay for shit “affordable housing” and then had their money taken again to keep those house prices unaffordable. Also nice to know Google made $2 billion and is not paying a $1 in tax.

Also nice to know it is a Democratic Government in the US and a Labour Government in the UK proposing savage cuts to Social Security programmes and again, far far more savage than a right wing admin could have got away with. All to pay for the banks that sold us this shit.

Be nice, as google says.

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A Scary Amount of Detail is Being Revealed By the Chilcott Iraq War Inquiry

December 16, 2009 1 comment

Sir Christopher Meyer, British Ambassador too the United States, 1997 – 2003

“It has to be emphasised that regime change in Iraq was official US policy. It went back to the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, passed unanimously by the Senate, by an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives, and signed into law by Bill Clinton in October 1998. So regime change and, to quote the act, “to establish a programme to support a transition to democracy in Iraq”, was an official American policy which George Bush inherited from Bill Clinton. The fact that Clinton did not do very much about it is neither here nor there.”Although the decision to invade Iraq is often depicted as one taken solely by Bush adminstration neocons, Meyer said the Bush regime was not an “aberration” and there was “more of a continuum with previous administrations” than either US party was willing to admit. While some blamed “the nutters” in the Bush administration for inventing the regime change policy, this was simply not true, he said.

Not that much of a reveal, but an example that US Foreign Policy, even if unlawful is not necessarily changed by elections.

“The real problem, which I did draw several times to the attention of London, was that the contingency military timetable had been decided before the UN inspectors went in under Hans Blix. So you found yourself in a situation in the autumn of 2002 where you could not synchronise the military timetable with the inspection timetable ? the result of that was to turn resolution 1441 on its head. Because 1441 had been a challenge to Saddam Hussein, agreed unanimously, to prove his innocence. But because you could not synchronise the programmes ? you had to short-circuit the inspection process by finding the notorious smoking gun ? and we ? the Americans, the British ? have never really recovered from that, because, of course, there was no smoking gun.”

This was one of the most damning points made by Meyer. After the UN security council unanimously passed resolution 1441 in November 2002, the high point of British efforts to secure an international consensus, Hans Blix’s weapons inspectors were admitted back into Iraq. But by that stage the US military was preparing for war in January (although the invasion did not start until March). Blix never had time to complete the inspection process and Meyer implies that the process was therefore something of a charade.

War was on the agenda no matter what happened. No real weapons inspection, no evidence of any weapons of any level of destruction, just a desire to get rid of a Leader that the US and UK Government did not like. Regime change. Completely illegal and nothing more than a war crime. Agreed because two men in high office both used the same tooth paste.

Life is SHIT on Benefits

December 13, 2009 2 comments

Sorry for not updating in the last few days, my PC crashed and I am deciding what one to buy next. I half fancy a net book. Also please excuse the typos. The browser on the PS3 does not have a spell check. Anyway that is a by the by.

I came upon these cases the other day that highlight the very real struggles those on benefits face. Life on benefits is certainly not the luxury that the Daily Mail wants you to believe. These are real cases.

Life as a Banker.
The woman is a pat time worker with a bank. She is certainly not one of the fat cat bankers. She does however benefit from some of what would be considered the fat cat schemes as far as her pay is concerned.Her pension is deducted from her gross pay as part of a salary sacrifice. This lowers her level of taxable income. The LA concerned did not pick that up when calculating her pay for benefits. Normal benefit calculations would start at her gross pay, deduct tax, NI and half of any pension contribution from her pay to calculate income for benefit purposes. By following that standard approach she was massively overpaid because the pension needed to be added back to the gross before it could be deducted. This overpayment goes back five years. The LA in question is writing this overpayment off. They however lose a considerable sum of money as a result.

She also get an annual bonus. Not massive, about £2k. Benefits takes this into account for the period it relates to. 85% of that money is swallowed up by the means test. As this money is paid at the end of the year for that year, she now has to find £1700 that had been “overpaid”. £1,300 of that relates to Housing Benefit and the rest is Council Tax Benefit. The Council Tax overpayment is especially galling because there is only one payment left for this financial year, the January payment. So as a result, her final payment will be triple in January.

Life as an unemployment statistic.
The Employment Support Allowance was introduced as a knee jerk response to the articles (largely in the Daily Hate and Daily Diana) about the millions “sponging” on incapacity benefit. Incapacity Benefit was passed by the Conservatives in response to similar stories about millions left on invalidity benefit. Incapacity Benefit was not an easy benefit to get.

There were Job Centre Plus Offices in some parts of London who did encourage some claimants to claim Incapacity Benefit instead of Job Seekers Allowance. It kept the unemployment count down. It was not an official policy, but some managers felt things were easier that way. This figure was certainly not millions.

So the big fanfare law is passed and it is implemented just as the worst recession in living memory kicks in. The DWP line -which even Ministers push- becomes one of please do not implement the law too rigidly. By too rigidly it means not at all.

After 26 weeks on Incapacity Benefit, if someone is still not available for work, they get treated as long term sick, benefit levels are paid at enhanced rates. On ESA, the “assessment phase” ends. The claimant is supposed to have a test (carried out by a DWP medical Officer – not always a Doctor and not their own GP), to see whether they are available for work. If they are not they are supposed to enter main phase ESA. Those tests have not been carried out. This has resulted in massive backlogs. On the plus side, large numbers of people have not been kicked from ESA to Job Seekers Allowance. On the negative side, is that those who are genuinely long term sick are not being moved on to main phase ESA. Their benefits are not being enhanced.

Until now. Now that unemployment appears to have peaked these backlogs are being tackled. With great rapidity and of course, the law is being adhered to. If Ministers did not want a law followed, they should not have passed it. Perople are finding themselves booted from ESA because they did not pass the “capability test”. They are told to sign on for JSA. In many cases these decisions are a rubber stamp decision. No full capability test has been applied, because the DWP is simply clearing the backlog. They must apply for JSA. If they are appealing the decision to end their ESA they are not available for work, so JSA is not payable. If they apply for JSA and get it, the original ESA decision is validated.

Those who do pass it are often having their main phase backdated to when it should have been paid from. All good for them, but then the HB tapers kick in and 85% of that money is then treated as overpaid.

Expect lots more of the cuts to Government expenditure to be faced by people on ESA.

Life as a Private Tenant.
Previous Housing Benefit schemes for those renting in the Private Sector penalised people who looked for more affordable properties. The cases exposed by the Mail of the families in Westminster and Ealing are not the fault of those respective LAs. They are not even the fault of the new Local Housing Allowance scheme. Previous schemes met the rent if it was reasonable for that area. The Housing Benefit Office was not allowed to say what was reasonable, although in some circumstances a “pre tenancy determination” could be applied for, from the Rent Service through the LA, which would reveal the maximum HB payable on a property. The effect of these rent restriction schemes meant that there was no downward pressure on the levels of rent charged or the benefit levels being paid out.

The Local Housing Allowance published the maximum levels payable for properties of a given size, within a defined area. (These areas are stupidly large). If a tenant found a property below the amount payable for their circumstances, they could keep the difference. In the trial areas, some tenants gained by as much as £50 per week. The DWP did not like this and cut the maximum gain to £15 per week. There was still a small incentive.
The Government gains from not as much HB being out and the tenant gains.

When LHA was being trialled, the impact of tenants looking to keep some of the difference between the maximum HB payable and the rent charged led to even boom areas such as Brighton and Lewisham having no increase in the level of rent payable for 3 years prior to the April 2008 roll out. Now that incentive will be removed entirely. There is no need for the tenant to look at properties at the cheaper end of the market. The ren charged will be the amount that HB will pay. The low income tenant, who did the right thing by the system loses their £15. HB costs rise again. The poor old tenant gets hit.

The Real Impact of the US Stimulus Programme

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Safer streets, stronger schools and better housing.

Had the recession got much worse in the US where would the rest of the World economy, never mind the US be now? When America stopped buying – jobs went. With the stimulous programme they are coming back. Isn’t this the message the Democratic Party needs to push home to American voters?

James Nsaba Buturo – YOU are a Fag

December 5, 2009 2 comments

A big faggoty faggot, faggoting with lots of gravy.


South Park should redo the biker episode and put this guy on it.

This fag is such an idiot he wants to kill all gay people in his Country. Yep seriously.

Fagging fag faggot James Nsaba Buturo, the biggest fag in the World, fagged on about how Uganda is justified killing gays.

James Nsaba Buturo, Uganda’s Minister for Ethics and Integrity, has issued a statement through the Ugandan government’s official Media Centre addressing criticisms over the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Act. This is the bill that provides the death penalty for conviction of homosexuality under certain circumstances, provides a lifetime imprisonment for all other cases, and a seven year sentence for “attempted” homosexuality. It also criminalizes free speech on behalf of LGBT citizens (seven year’s imprisonment) and criminalizes all acquaintance of gay people (failure to report gays to police within 24 hours of learning someone is gay brings a three year prison sentence). Sweden announced that they intend to cut aid to Uganda should this bill go forward. Nsaba Buturo responds:

“There is a Bill in Parliament known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This subject is causing a great deal of interest around the world. The people of Uganda believe that practicing anal sex at the expense of heterosexual sex is not a normal practice. Ugandans know or believe that homosexuality involves practices that are dangerous and high risk to the human body which is designed for heterosexual functions. Ugandans also believe that anal sexual intercourse, foreign objects used in sexual intercourse and promiscuity do not deserve to be defended at all. Having said that, it is clear to many of us that the over reaction so far is not surprising to us. Uganda accepts that in some countries it is normal practice for men to sleep with men and women with women. It is often defended that imperatives of human rights defend this practice. We do not believe so in Uganda. Majority of Ugandans hate to see the promotion of illegalities that they consider as dysfunctional, abnormal and unhealthy.

Ever since the Bill on Homosexuality was presented in Parliament, there have been various reactions as well as over-reactions from countries which are annoyed at our independence to enact our Laws. Consequently, we hear they are threatening to take action against Uganda. It is revealing that support to Uganda literally translated means that it is on condition that Uganda should do the bidding of givers of such support regardless of what Ugandans themselves think. It is also revealing that support which would benefit countless number of orphans, children and mothers can be withdrawn simply because Government is protecting its citizens against vices such as homosexuality. Government has been clear about this matter that homosexuality or homosexual practices will not be promoted, encouraged and recommended to the people of Uganda.

So what makes this douche think that he won’t be reported?

He is after all the biggest fag in the World?

Will the likes of Phyllis Chesler and Harpy Geller, so beloved of PUMAs be on to this? Will they fuck. It is Christians doing this.

Fuck the so called religious leaders using religion to do everything from selling hate to mass genocide.

Remember Uganda is reliant on aid because of corruption from its political class. Sweden has actually done something right. They are threatening to end aid to Uganda should this bill pass.

Where are you Milliband? If this law passes, aid to Uganda should stop.

Where are the American politicians? Of course, behind it.

Religious extremists suck

Reasons to own a Nintendo Wii

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment

This must be the gayest game ever and it looks kind of fun.

You play a polar bear in tight orange underwear chasing after some muscle mary types in tight swimwear.

The polar bear has a whole in his undies.

You use the wii remote to fit through the holes in the wall caused by the Muscle Mary types running away from you.

All hail the wonder that is muscle march. Sure beats getting glitch killed in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 by idiots with a rocket launcher.

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