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Wow A PUMA Success

If anyone had any doubt that Darra$h Murphy and her PUMA “movement” were anything other than a bunch of stupid racists then this is it. Darra$h Murphy proves that the PUMA movement is a collection of purely stupid idiotic knee jerk racists.

The bigot FLBarbara claims to run a shelter for women. What happens if a woman turns up to her shelter in a burka? Des FLNazi strip her or does she only accept white women?

After All FLNazi thinks that every Muslim is a potential terrorist.

The Burqa Barbie is not marketed by Mattel, PUMA Nazis may like to know that there is already an Islamic doll similar to Barbie, the Fulla doll, and it is on sale in the US. Let us see how long it takes for them to get their sheets in a flap about that.

Eliana Lorena has designed costumes featuring Barbie in a range of costumes from all parts of the World. I noticed that Darra$h has not protested the Chinese Barbie, you know the Country that only recently stopped binding the feet of women. Hard to protest China when Hate Pac Money is probably being used to outsource jobs to China. (Well what is it being spent on Darra$h?) Hello Mr Murphy.

Darra$h and her bitter bigots can run as many boycotts of this as possible. All of the stupid bigots have given away their life savings to her are short of funds and so cannot afford it, there are only a few being made and the funds are being donated to charity. So no PUMA money will be going there then.

They are surprised Save the Children has not contacted them. Well what a surprise. Why should they respond to a bunch of bitter Nazis objecting to a charity fundraiser? The cause of which is providing education to children in war torn environments.

PUMAs prove time and time again — they are a HATE PAC. An extremist bunch of Neo Nazi scum no different to the British Nazis, who actually to be fair to the stupid British Nazis actually welcomed an Asian member. Whatever happened to Nijima again?

Just more PUMA FAIL.

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