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The Fall Of the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall Freedom

I was at University when the Berlin wall fell. “Guido Fawkes” was then the young capitalist, selling small blocks of the wall to Young Conservatives, Conservative Students and the Young SDP and trying to get them certified by the German Government.

To me, this meant the end of the cold war. The $billions spent on defence could go elsewhere. Perhaps even to improving schools in poor districts.

The collapse of the Berlin Wall was the very last nail in the overthrow of Communism. Authoritarian rule had been overthrown.

How wrong I was. I will admit to being thoroughlly annoyed that Margaret Thatcher was removed by her own Party some months afterwars. The Reagan/Thatcher years replaced by people who spoke more liberally but delivered less in the way of opportunity. Bush Sr then went on to destriy any opportunity the poor had of lifiting themselves up – he stole their boot-straps.

To be followed by a Democratic President who blamed the poor for being poor and restricted unemployment benefits to six months. Implemented by the Major / Blair transition team.

Freedom won an enduring victory against authoritarian rule twenty years ago. Never give it up.

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