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Darragh Murphy is an evil manipulative piece of white is right trash

“Riverdaughter” should think really hard about this statement she made at the Reclusive leftist blog.

As for The Confluence’s PUMA presence, as I said before, the movement became fatally compromised when it was infiltrated by Republicans right about the time of the Republican convention. We are not in the least embarrassed by the PUMA activities we did last year and we still support Darragh Murphy’s activities.

Whilst MYIQ=42 is there trying to claim he opposed racism, his stupid bigotry is still up for all to see. It hardly compares to that of Darra$h Murphy though.

Ironic, given that she has quite a reasonable response to PUMA PAC hate.

RiverDaughter can not claim PUMA racism is new. It dates back to the start and continued after the General.

The recent events in Texas were shocking and saddening.

That does not excuse Darra$h Murphy stirring up her bigots for $$$s. Darra$h Murphy does not give a flying fuck about Muslim women, not does she give a flying fuck about the soldiers in Texas. All she cares about is how much money she can extract from stupid bigots. Where is the money going to you piece of white is right scum? Where are the FEC returns?


Murphy makes her racism quite clear. She does not want a Muslim family living near her. The whore of bigotry writes, “I blame Islam because I’m a woman and Islam would enslave or kill me if it could. I don’t want it anywhere near me”.

Very much like this

no blacks no irish

You would have a hard time differentiating the comments made by Darra$h Murphy from those of neo Nazi groups.

In fact the Neo Nazi British National Party is less extreme than PUMA scum.

DancesWithPumas 11.06.09 at 3:38 pm

I have a pig roasting on a spit. Prepaing to serve it to Mohammad the Rabid Pig of Islam.

I spit in the face of Islam and all Islamic males and their voluntary supporters.

I refuse all mercies to them.

Oh, and hockin’ it up in the face of Mohammad.

Come get me, barbarian freaks.

DancesWithPUMAs calls for the death of “illegal immigrants”.

DancesWithPumas 11.06.09 at 5:33 pm

I know… our wimpoidal government can’t firgure out that the way you deport 12 million criminals is one criminal at a time. Fingerprint, photograph, DNA sample, and deport. If they return, instant death. Period. The end.

For Dances, it does not concern her that

As for this post from the thick idiot “Swannie”,

Swannie 11.06.09 at 3:02 pm

I blame Islam . I again refer to the example of India and the Caste system and how Gandhi fought his indigenous culture and religion regarding the practice of the caste system which because IT WAS OPPRESSIVE to some of the people who practiced it

the idiot bigotbot just displays her complete ignorance. The Caste system was Hindu. Not Muslim. Stupid piece of trash. I guess she finds it hard to tell one Indian person from another.

I do not buy that Muslims should speak up against idiots who commit atrocities in the name of religion, any more than I as someone with a Christian background should apologise for

University of Texas at Austin massacre
SC State killings
Kent State shootings
Jackson State shootings
Olean High School shooting
California State University, Fullerton massacre
Cleveland Elementary School shooting
Parkway South Middle School shooting
Goddard Middle School shooting
Portland Junior High School shooting
Pinellas Park High School shooting
Hubbard Woods School shooting
Cleveland School massacre
University of Iowa shooting
Lindhurst High School shooting
Palo Duro High School shooting
Edward Tilden High School shooting
Simon’s Rock College of Bard shooting
East Carter High School shooting
Amityville High School shooting
Reseda High School shooting
Wauwatosa West High School shooting
Grimsley High School shooting
Wickliffe Middle School shooting
Blackville-Hilda High School shooting
Richland High School shooting
Frontier Middle School shooting
Hamilton High School shooting
Mid-Penninsula High School shooting
San Diego State University shooting
Hetzel Union Building shooting
Bethel Regional High School
Pearl High School shooting
Heath High School shooting
Westside Middle School shooting
Parker Middle School dance shooting1
Thurston High School shooting
Columbine High School massacre
Heritage High School shooting
Fort Gibson Middle School shooting
Buell Elementary School shooting
Lake Worth Middle School shooting
University of Arkansas shooting
Santana High School shooting
Granite Hills High School shooting
Martin Luther King, Jr. High School shooting
Appalachian School of Law shooting
John McDonogh High School shooting
Red Lion Area Junior High School shootings
Case Western Reserve University shooting
Rocori High School shooting
Columbia High School shooting
Fairleigh Dickinson University shooting
Red Lake Senior High School massacre
Campbell County High School shooting
Pine Middle School shooting
Essex Elementary School shooting
Orange High School shooting
Platte Canyon High School shooting
Weston High School shooting
Amish school shooting
Henry Foss High School shooting
University of Washington shooting
Virginia Tech massacre
Delaware State University shooting
SuccessTech Academy shooting
Louisiana Technical College shooting
Mitchell High School shooting
E.O. Green School shooting
Northern Illinois University massacre
Davidson High School Shooting
Central High School shooting
Henry Ford High School shooting
2008 University of Central Arkansas shootings
Dillard High School shooting
Henry Ford Community College shooting
Hampton University shooting
Larose-Cut Off Middle School
Skyline College shooting
Deer Valley High School

or even PUMA PAC. Honour killings are murder, whether called honour killings or murder, but such killings are known as crimes of passion in the West, something I would not blame on all men. Then again, I am not selling hate.

The face of evil

Unlike the vile creature pictured above.

h/t to Wonkette poster WarAndG for the list

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