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Johnnie Walker Walks

Johnnie Walker, owned by Diageo, did a brilliant ad/infomercial for their premium whisky.

The ad is called, “The man who walked all around the World”. It is supposedly the true story behind Johnnie Walker and how from he started to produce one of the finest blends that Scotland has ever sold, from his small grocer store in Kilmarnock.

Of course, it is all weepy. Of course, given Diageo is a giant company, this internet only advert has a large budget. You are watching an ad that cost £1000 a second to make – even though all it really is is Robert Carlyle walking down a road. So of course, it will pull a few heart strings. (Heart strings being pulled and alcohol are not a good idea). On an aside, Robert Carlyle certainly sounds more Scottish in this ad than he does normally.

However, the heart strings being pulled are not those of the viewer. They belong to those who buy Johnnie Walkers and those who made it. Diageo closed their bottling plant in Kilmarnock. The town that had a 189 history with Johnnie Walker.

Over 700 people lost their jobs. A decision confirmed in September, despite strong community opposition.

So much for the heart strings. The $$$s always come first.

The Johnnie Walker you buy from now on will have no association with Kilmarnock. It will be one of many cheap blended whiskies. It may have Johnnie Walker on the label, but it will have no actual association with the town of Kilmarnock.

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