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There is one man to blame for the rise of the BNP

The BBC Question Time programme gave Nick Griffin the oxygen of publicity and he choked on it.

Jack Straw was useless. However, if you draw up a list of politicians who engage in Muslim bashing for cheap political points, Jack Straw is up there with Nick Griffin. After all it wasn’t Griffin that said he would not talk to women wearing a burkah.

David Dimbelby tried too hard. He wanted a posh version of the Jerry Springer show in order to boost ratings. His show invited a Nazi and Dimbleby just had to show that he was not a racist sympathiser.

The provocativability of the audience was guaranteed. The Mail is wrong. If you took any group of 200 people from Britain, the same level of disgust would be shown to the BNP.

The BBC did not as Peter Hain suggest, boost the BNP. He should look closer to home.

Poverty and fear drives extremism.

The house price bubble and lack of social housing.
Taxes hitting the poorest.
“British jobs for British workers”.
MPs expenses.
The Government created monster of “Radical Islam”.

All of these were fostered by the man Peter Hain is happy to call his Leader.

Peter Hain – your Leader is helping the BNP. Gordon Brown the best recruitment tool for the BNP.

If you push the politics of fear you get the politics of hate.

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