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President Barack Hussein Obama and The Nobel Peace Prize

Remember the so called “Pro American” bigots who were celebrating America not being awarded the Olympics in 2016.
Their reaction to the Nobel Peace Prize is telling. It is laughable. Darra$h Murphy posted “a prowl” (random spam mail) from a hate site contributor (nothing new there – she has defended the Neo Nazi English Defence League in the recent past).

One simple glaringly obvious facts shows why and how, not only President Barack Obama deserved the peace Prize, America did too. Last year, the then Presidential Candidate John McCain had joined with Bush in upping the anté on Russia for their invasion of Georgia.

Obama joined in the condemnation but refused involvement in whipping up Press hate. Even after the election, when he was President Elect. There is only one President.

He worked, not with Putin, but with Mededev and that work has paid off. Russia and the US are near to announcing reductions in the levels of nuclear weapons that exceed the latter years of Reagans’ Presidency.

A new geo political course has been set, with America respected in the World. America grew up, no longer a school yard bully, more a strong, thoughtful ally. Precisely because the Democratic Party selected the nominee who did not speak of annihilating Iran and the wider electorate chose the candidate who saw engagement and diplomacy as just as an effective weapon to ever increasing wars.

In 8 months we have progressed to a nuclear reductions road map. Russia no longer sees the US as an enemy and the US elected a President who understands that. The cold war rhetoric that had been ratcheted up was talked down.

George W Bush stated we are not at war with the Muslim World. It was not a very believable statement you illegally invade a Middle East Country and look set to invade another. President Obama reiterated that we are not at War with Islam in Cairo. His words carried credibility.

The Middle Eastern situation was almost irrevocably damaged by Neo Con expressions of might. For all the messages of friendship that the right love to send to extremist administrations of Israel, the Neo Cons left the Israeli security situation in a much worse place than they had inherited it.

The Iraq War, as well as other Neo Con skirmishes in the Middle East provided fuel to the fire of those against the State of Israel. The Government of Israel has not helped. The moderate Government used an illegal war on Palestinian people to try and win support. It won nothing but International condemnation. That war upped the anté, and Netanyahu was elected as a result.

Now however even Netanyahu sees the need for a two State solution in Israel. Progress will be slow and frustrating, but progress is being made.

President Obama has changed the tone of International politics, especially with respect to America’s relations with the rest of the World. Unlike any of the other contendors for the US Presidency, Obama is popular across the World. That may annoy Republicans but World Leaders, including those who would normally be opposed to a Democratic President like him. David Cameron, Leader of the British Conservatives, committed his Party to support the President in Afghanistan if they win in May 2010, that included a any surge in troops.

On Iraq, President Obama is following through on timelines for pullbacks and withdrawals. America will not be in Iraq for the next 100 years.

His strengthened relations with Russia means that a show of force is no longer needed in Iran. His commitment for diplomatic engagement is getting quiet results. It would have been so easy to lose sight of the goal of a stable Middle East had the President jumped in with two left feet to demand intervention in to their suspicious election results.

The revised Arms deal with Poland has helped that. Securing Europe from a nuclear based Iran, but calming hotter heads in Russia who saw the unworkable Star Wars II programme as a threat.

The metal banging of North Korea was dealt with. Kim got his pic with a US President (Clinton), so he got his attention for the day. The showing off of his toys, ie nukes has calmed down. Again this could not have been done had relations with China not improved.

So the Peace Prize to Obama is a prize given to America., as the President said, “I also know that this prize reflects the kind of world that those men and women, and all Americans, want to build — a world that gives life to the promise of our founding documents. And I know that throughout history, the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement; it’s also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes..”

Be Proud America and all those who supported Hope over Hate.

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