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Come on Gordon. Why not discuss social mobility.

Labour want a battle on social mobility. Give them one, this goes for the Lib Dems as well. The Liberal Democrats have a real opportunity of beating Labour next year and they need to grab it.

Labour wants the next election to be a battle on social mobility.

Social mobility under Labour has all but gone. If you are in a Labour poverty trap there is no way out. No real right to buy, no chance of a meaningful degree, no chance on the property ladder except through fabricated mortgages which have all but dried up and they helped create the burst bubble we will be paying for for the rest of our lives.

Large ineffective increases in public expenditure that meant services were delivered according to performance measures and not not actual service delivery, funded by a neo con boom in property, that left part of the economy -the housing market, addicted to inflation, while real wage rates were frozen. It was always going to end in catastrophe. Never mind the abolition of boom and bust.

Those Labour Members of Parliament that made it out of poverty need to look back and see what they have done. The yob culture exists because there is no way out for them.

New Labour did not just kick the rungs from under the poor, they set fire to the ladder. So come on Labour, battle on social mobility.

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