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Hate Site NoQuarter Reported To The Police

Yesterday, I posted on Democratic Underground my concern about a hate site publishing the details of the school involved with the “Obama song”. My concern was right.

Police confirmed Thursday night that threats had been received by the school. They did not say who or what was targeted.


NoQuarter has a history of its readers making death threats. So much so Larry Johnson has had to warn his readers to calm down.

I have reported this to the police via this email

A hate site by the name of NoQuarterUSa has published the names, phone numbers and web details of the school involved in the “Obama song”.
http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/2009/09/24/children-si… /
This appears to be around the same time it was reported that the school was getting hate calls.
NoQuarter has previously had commenters publishing death threats against the President. The site is a breeding ground for far right extremism.
The comment is this one
Comment by Barbara | 2009-09-25 09:41:47

Hello, all! I have blogged about this elsewhere, and posted address and phone no. for the school involved- apparently, yesterday the website for the school was overwhelmed, which is great! We must continue to contact these “insane” so-called places of education and complain! We must tell as many as possible, what is going on in these schools! And- I am saying this as a former teacher….I quit three years ago, because I was being harrassed for being too conservative- I was expecting too much from my students- I hereby give you the information: B. Bernice Young Elementary School, in the Burlington Township, in New Jersey…ph. 609-xxx-xxxx(edited out by me) OOPS! I just checked out their website, and it’s down! I wonder why? Website: burltwpsch.org in case you might be able to get on- go to the school’s link, and you’ll find the principal’s email and contact info. I emailed her yesterday and it did go through, early in the day-

The far right should not be playing politics with the lives of teachers or children.

I worry about how far they will go.

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