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British police arrest would be “armed robbers” with bananas. Claim they prevented next “Great Train Robbery”

August 8, 1963 is still a day of infamy for most of the population of Britain. It is of course the day of the Great Train Robbery. To some in Britain it represents the resurgence of the myth of Robin Hood, to others a dark day for justice. What know ones doubts is that is caused massive embarrassment to both the nations police force and the government.

There was a massive manhunt. People were arrested, some escaped, one even survived an abortive attempt at rendition (by a shady security contractor later given quid pro quo contracts as payment)

One thing the police and government didn’t do – to their credit – was try and fit up bunches of incompetent copycat criminals overheard talking about how great it would be to pull off their own “Great Train Robbery” when all they had for weapons was a few water pistols and a sock full of pennies (which are like quarters but not as shiny).

Fast forward to September 11, 2001 and a group of people destroy the twin towers in New York (amongst other crimes). Within a year the British government is going out of it’s way to brief about the dangers of dirty bombs. Despite the fact that experts state they are not much more dangerous than conventional explosives..

A while after this the British government fakes intelligence about Iraqi weapons capability which is used (along with the US’s own faked intelligence about Iraqi links to Al-Qaeda) to justify their bullshit, racist, bigot scum war for oil, Jebus and Blackwater (or whatever the fuck it was really about).

Then Britain’s own mini 911 happened on the 7 July, 2005. After which the British government ran around like an excited Etonion school boy shouting “I knew Jasmine would cheat on me that’s why I slept with Sarah behind her back before she got the chance to do it first.” The British term for this kind of reasoning is “a load of utter crap”, we would call it placing effect before cause, but we’re not all a load of posh twats who went to Eton.

Both before and after this the Britain and America governments were press releasing (about ever 6 months) that they had stopped another “911” from happening. A lot of which of turned out to be what we British call “bollocks”. For any Americans unfamiliar with the phrase it’s where you’d kick Dick Cheney if you had the chance – unless of course you actually support the torturing, warmongering, bastard.

Today the British government managed to convict the liquid bombers – yes those ones – the ones cited as the reason for banning bottles of water on planes despite that fact liquid bombs work even less well than dirty bombs.

Fair play – there is evidence that they planned to carry out the attacks – just no evidence that they actually had any competence or real means to do it . Should they be convicted? Yes! Should the BBC run a 5+ minute story on morning prime time radio, barely mentioning the link to the original “liquid bomber story”, Instead focusing on how some guy in Pakistan who was arrested in 2006, then escaped and was then killed by a flying death drone is the mastermind (and who really isn’t a US of ISI agent – honest) . No – because it’s yet more bollocks! At least until someone actually provides some evidence.

What the Beeb should have run was a story about how the government finally managed to convict a bunch of incompetent terrorists hailed three years ago by themselves as the greatest threat to democracy since Hitler himself. The equivalent to arresting a gang with bananas planning to a rob a McDonald’s and spinning the story as the prevention of the next great train robbery. Which conveniently brings us back to were this blog post started (in a rather roundabout British way).

Anyway I’m off for tea and crumpets. Maybe when I’m back some actual evidence will have appeared to justify the 8 year long, trillion dollar cluster fuck known as the War On Terror. Personally I’ll just be happy if my government doesn’t commit any more acts of genocide, torture and war crimes while I’m gone.

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