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LaRouche is Pure Evil

Larouche is an ASSHOLE!

Larouche is an ASSHOLE!

That seems like a fitting title for the man behind all the Obama Nazi posters, calling for Obama’s impeachment and speculating that the British will assassinate the President. I have been so busy keeping an eye on the Pumas and Birfers that until now it really didn’t dawn on me that the main person behind all this had to be someone bigger, someone who had a proven track record for bigotry and hate. Sure, Dumbaugh Murphy or Riverchucky could have carried out a few small poster giveaways in their respective hometowns, but nothing on the level that we have seen in the last few weeks. Lyndon LaRouche is pure evil and is behind all the Obama is Hitler propaganda that you are seeing at all the town halls. Blogs like pumapac, freemeknow and the Effluence support this crazy asshole with their constant lies and hate for the President. Looking at his site, he has this to say about Obama’s assassination by the British;

“I am concerned of the fear that the British, for their own opportunistic reasons, probably are considering arranging the assassination of the current President of the United States,” Lyndon LaRouche said today. “After all, he’s only a poker chip on the global historical playing table, and they will banish him if they think it’s convenient for them at this time. They may let him linger on for a while, build up some more steam around him, so that when he really goes down, it has a bigger effect.”

WTF?!? I thought chuckles, BJK and dumbaugh were fucking crazy, they seem sane compared to this guy. He goes on to say this;

“It is obvious that Obama is now becoming increasingly useless, or approaching a point of uselessness, or negative usefulness, to the British people who are actually controlling him,” LaRouche explained. “So watch out for the Queen, because when she moves to pinch his butt, it may mean she’s saying goodbye to him.”

“The British could certainly assassinate this bum President. He’s now exhausting his usefulness. They are going to think in those terms. That’s the way they think—if you call it thinking.

Really? The British are controlling Obama? I thought it was the Kenyans? The crazy man continues with this;

“Because they will assassinate him, because they will love the confusion this causes. And they will hope that confusion finishes off the United States, which is always the British ambition: to get rid of the United States. That is their intent — except only stupid jerks don’t know that. So anything that discredits and helps to destroy the United States at this stage, they will do, including assassinating the President. And they would do it! That’s where the danger to his life comes from, is from the British.”

check out the whole post here.

Did someone forget to take his meds? This guy is definately off his rocker, I could certainly now understand how Murphy can make a living preaching hate, after all, with LaRouche setting the standards so low, it should be easy to make a few dollars off of those wishing the President harm. Lyndon LaRouche, you should just die already, you old ass bag of steaming shit, the world would be a much better place if you did.

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  1. thebigotbasher
    August 31, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Finally the Hate Pac are fighting Juliette, spreader of Larouche and race hate. No wonder PUMAs are easy targets for him. Nice man to invite to a conference, Darra$h.

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