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PUMA And PUMA Lite Want to Kill Women and Children Part 2

It has been fun to watch the break up of the PUMAs. The very slow reality dawning on the Widershins and the Flatulence that they have been taken in by a Republican con artist and troll. Who continues this, not out of any desire to see Hillary Clinton do well, but simply to see how much more money she can extract from the stupids. DanceswithPawns continues to supply for her master all kinds of HatePac memorabilia for the PUMA people to snap up.

The Widdershins may have woken themselves up to the need to campaign for an expansion of medicare to make it universal, while ensuring that the compromise public option is secured, but the Flatulence is still following the HatePac lie of smash HR3200 and maybe people will clamour for single payer. They are astroturfing. They know it and they are doing it for one simple reason, because they can only operate by attacking the President.

They know very well Universal health care will require small steps. They have said so. They did not support it during the election and defended Hillary for her mandates. For Riverchucky in particular to campaign against HR3200 is pure hypocrisy.

The Confluence can not separate itself from HatePac. They share the same agenda – even on health care – even though they know Darragh is a manipulative Republican troll.

“Liberal PUMAs” are a rarity. Although MYIQ=42 claims to be one, he is simply a Republican troll. If you vote Republican and campaign strongly against the Democratic Party and the President, hoping for his defeat, you are a Republican. MyIQ=1 may claim a Liberal label but he voted for a hard right Republican ticket. A ticket with no real health care reform on the agenda.

If the President had come fully out in support of universal health care, The Confluence would have opposed it.

Those that voted green, maybe they are Liberals, but certainly not those campaigning for the most right wing woman in Presidential American Politics.

If this health care bills passes, it will be a compromise. One that will do something to curb the millions bankrupted by health care costs and reduces the numbers if those who die for lack of health care. If it fails – health care is off the agenda for a long while.

Yes, you can support HR3200 and HR676

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  1. rob
    August 7, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    con artist and troll… hahah

  2. thebigotbasher
    August 8, 2009 at 3:46 am

    She has literally taken unknown amounts of money off racist ex Democrats, now in some ways I admire that, but yeah she is an evil con artist and troll.

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