Where is SusanKKK?

SusanKKK appears to have gone missing from the top secret blog of Super Secret Agent Flowbee. She has been replaced by some of the most puma individuals you could possibly find.

As PUMAs and their ilk go it descending to below SusanKKK levels is actually quite difficult. Larry has managed to find them. There is of course pretend feminist and self declared racist Any Siskind. much has already been said of her and I am sure the blog spammer extraordinaire will always be a major source of amusement.

Reverend Amy – one of the replacements is a real low life. Yet another woman who complains bitterly of the sexism directed at Hillary Clinton, yet finds no sexism at NoQuarter. She claims to be a Democrat but is quite prepared to spread any kind of GOP talking point.

Another of the idiots is American Girl in Italy (aka American PUMA in Italy). This puma person whittles on endlessly about immigration in America, without any irony about her Italian expat status. Again another outright liar.

So where is Susan Hudgens? Ya know, the woman that kept bumping Super Secret Agent on his own blog. Often contradicting his own posts. Well has anyone seen her lately?

I for one can’t seem to find her. And I’ve looked all over the Pumasphere even in the cesspits of true hate. And I’ve searched all over the press. I have not heard of any ex CIA death ploys.

Week-by-week, world event-by-world event, the public humiliation of PUMA is taking place right before our eyes. NoQuarter soldiers on with their stupid attempts to spread fear and lies, but proving themselves more stupid on a daily basis yet SusanUnPC remains absent.

And it’s true – with all the crises going on around the world, SusanKKK seems to hate no more. Obama and Biden are off globetrotting and fixing healthcare and doing stuff, but where is Susan? What have they done with her?

Do I sense a pattern here? Is Larry up to old CIA tricks and silencing people? Has she been put in her place? How has she been silenced?

NoQuarter was home to the most stupid of racist smears against Obama during the Primaries and after. So lo and behold what happens? The sexism, racism and stupidity goes underground. And when it springs back up above earth, the roots are that much more invigorated and strengthened such that yet another victim is claimed. The PUMA bigots decide prison may be fun. There is really no underestimating PUMA stupidity.

Of course, these racist hypocrites need to be continually reminded of their sexism. Given that they blame all of it on those who supported the President. Sexism and racism is bigoted. It impacts all women.

In the words of Amy Siskind herself; “And I’ll say it right here, right now – history will judge. Those folks who stood silent while a woman and her children were subjected to the worse kind of sexism, will be judged harshly. Any woman who considers herself a “feminist” or “women’s advocate” or whatever who thinks it was okay because of policy differences – SHAME! ”

Meanwhile, back at NoQuarter, where’s Susan? Replaced by bigots who find sexism against the Obama family acceptable. To use NoQuarter descriptions – does “Reverand” Ameeee need to cut back on her weight? This American PUMA in Italy? Why Italy? Is it because she hates America? I hear Italy has a lot of fake marriages to gay men just so people can immigrate for the free health care – just saying. All of that is ok when it comes to Michelle Obama. So obviously it is just fine for The New Agenda after all, they are her friends.

I for one feel her pain. We will no longer be able to laugh at how stupid she is. In tribute to Susan and her ilk, Stupid Pumas was started. And I always suspected that when Susan got a chance to show her stuff, she would out scum Larry. As I said to some friends a few months ago – watch out – her blog entries recorded 100s of comments, his ten. Sure enough, Larry silenced her.

To Amy Siskind in particular (using her words)- “if you are not in the battle to defend all women, then move over and get out of the way.”

There are real groups that speak up for women without resorting to hate.

We’re going after the roots of sexism and racism buried deeply in stupidity, ignorance, bias and darkness. And if you care to join us, grab a shovel and pitch in. And if you can’t see through the fog of your own limiting ignorance, then simply step aside. We are here to watch HatePac fail.

h/t to Amy Siskind.
Always a nominee for Stupid PUMA of the week (however the week is long and the stupid is strong with PUMA).

  1. Dbb
    August 8, 2009 at 12:10 am

    Susan has as many URLs as Sybil supposedly had multiple personalities which is appropriate since she is just as scatterbrained not to mention scatbrained. “Bronwyn’s Harbor” is almost certainly her current regular nom de blog. She is currently preaching forget healthcare until we have more jobs.

  2. truthtelling007
    August 8, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    This article is so ludicrous it isn’t worth much of a comment except…Larry hasn’t muzzled anyone, his posts don’t only get 10 comments each, often they have to be closed because they top over 500 each.

    And though I might know much more about what happens behind the scenes at NoQuarter, it is always a treat to read ridiculous posts like this that show much more of your bigotry and ignorance than theirs.

    I have some strong differences with the whole NQ crowd these days but I won’t lie about the people their like this idiot just did in this post.

    You really need to look in the mirror before you write such drivel. Your article is barely pedestrian and worse it has little basis in reality. You’re in the conspiracy trade now. I’m glad to know what I know so that this sort of nonsense falls apart when it smacks reality.

    “Do I sense a pattern here? Is Larry up to old CIA tricks and silencing people? Has she been put in her place? How has she been silenced?”

    Put in her place…is that your take? Put in her place…what place would that be? Your sexism drips with every word. Your arrogance, your snotty holier than thou crap, and your ignorance…show you have little room to be called a “BigotBasher”. You’re a fucking hypocrite.

  3. truthtelling007
    August 8, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    That’s sweet, not only do accuse Larry Johnson of “muzzling” people, but your comments are pending for moderation, something NQ doesn’t do to new posts or writers. Only if you abuse their board do they put you on moderation. But yours…is fortified so you can control the conversation…sweet!
    Got to love hypocrites like you.

    • elizabeth
      August 25, 2009 at 8:28 am

      Yes no quarter most certainly ‘muzzles’ the dissenters…are you kidding??? in order to comment there i have to change my name every time – one negative comment that slams hillary or shows an oz of ‘liking’ obama and that’s it…don’t post again as your comment will not get posted.

      • thebigotbasher
        August 25, 2009 at 8:16 pm

        I fullly agree, unless you sing the NoQuarter song of race hate you are out, while being attacked by the likes of the disgusting Ferd Barfly

  4. thebigotbasher
    August 8, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    “Truthtelling”, all first time posters are put on moderation as a wordpress default to avoid spam, once approved there is no moderation.

    I have read your posts at NoQuarter and there really is no “truthtelling” in any of them so I am pleased to hear you have left them. I’d love to know why.

    If you have a read the stupid article posted by the femi-fraud Amy Siskind (as linked to in the article), you will see it is almost a word for word copy of her article Where’s Hillary. This is parody.

    I do not give a rats piss in hell about where the stupid racist bigot Susan Hudgens is, except of course, wishing that if I am wrong about atheism she ends up there.

    Anyone who can justify the sexism and outright racism of NoQuarter however has no right to call anyone else sexist.

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