Irani Redux

One of the recent episodes of The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade has a really great discussion about the current situation in Iran.  For any one like myself still trying to follow the situation there (without the benefit of speaking Farsi) this is a really amazing resource.  I’ve only been listening to the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade for a few months, but it continues to amaze me – it is one of the few alternative media sources I’ve found that still has a real sense of honesty to it (and by that I mean they don’t pretend to be fair and balanced but they still have journalistic integrity).  In this way I’d consider it something akin to the radio equivalent of a glossy magazine that comes shrink wrapped with Democracy Now.

BTW: For the Irani situation skip to 43 min’s into the podcast.

Links to the most current radio feeds for the shows mentioned for those with iTunes / pod-catchers:

Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade
Democracy Now

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