This is how to handle bigots.

A year ago, the House Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee held a hearing on DADT that received wide attention, primarily for the way many of the Congressman Patrick Murphy called bullshit on the supporters of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

This video should be a lesson to all Democrats. This is how you handle bigots. It winds them right up – GET IN THEIR FACES. He goes right for the bigot psycho Elaine Donnelly should be viewed again and again…particulary by those gay group talking heads afraid of appearing “not nice” when they appear opposite Antigay Industy troglodytes on TV:

I initially did not care much for Senator Gillibrand initially, she had some strange backers such as the sick hypocrite Amy Siksind.

However she has now taken up the battle for gay rights in America and whether that is because she is being primaried, I do not know (or care). She initially sought an 18 month moratorium on DADT, but tabled the bill as she could not get support to table it to the Defense Expenditure Bill.

She is now going for the Senate Armed Services Committee. Good on her.

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