LOL. A Blog War. Anyone For Tea?

PUMA most certainly must be the new(ish) American word for stupid. Now I do have to say I thought for a while about posting this. There most certainly was no rush to reply to a hate filled screed written by some PUMA person.

There is always going to be someone wrong on the internet.

This really PUMA PUMA person may wish to have a blog war with little ol’ me. In part because I was bored and replied to some PUMA people on one of their blogs and in part because I can be often be found at a great site run by a JohnD mocking PUMA people. I do not however care if this PUMA person wants a “war” with me. She is one of those bitter losers who thankfully left the Democratic Party on or after May 31 2008. I hope they stay gone. Really I do. Good riddance.

To me, the best Candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party won the Primaries. His Campaign Team even had the good grace to compromise at the DNC Rules Committee on 31 May 2008, allowing Florida and Michigan to be half seated, benefiting his opposing candidate – even though all candidates agreed to having no votes from Florida and Michigan. I felt strongly Barack Obama was a better candidate than Hillary Clinton, because I felt he had the better chance of winning. He won. I am happy. PUMA people are sad, that makes me even happier. I am proud that America elected President Barack Hussein Obama. Your President FL Barbara, for another 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 years.

I have some respect for BJK, the blog owner there. The elitist Amy Siskind has nothing on her when it comes to Women’s issues. I also have some respect for her issues. I raised with BJK that it seems to be hypocritical for her to support feminist issues when she has on her blog roll a site like NoQuarter. A completely racist and sexist site. PUMA Barbara does not by the way see the racism, sexism or homophobia.

Not really an issue and in no way as hypocritical as the fake Amy Siskind, who got called out on the excellent Bitch Ph.D. Siskind is happy to call NQ “her friends” and even promotes them on the blog. As I will continually point out, When it comes to issues of real importance to women, such as the assasination of Dr Tiller, she was strangely silent. That makes her NoQuarter post declaring the resignation of Sarah Palin “a dark moment for America” even more perverse. She even promotes Michelle Bachman, something universally laughed at.

With Siskind and ultra PUMA Barbara, I am not sure what attracts them most about NoQuarter, the racism and homophobia, or the disgusting sexism.

PUMA people now love to shrug off charges of racism. Even Siskind does. So supporting these groups is more likely to do her causes damage than help them. Nobody takes PUMA people seriously. In fact this is why Amy Siskind asked Harriet Christian to become a founding member of The New Agenda, but not to tell anyone.

BJK then went all Birfer. Not once, twice. By doing so, as I warned her, she attracted PUMA people who very much are at the bottom of the food chain. Hence getting in to an argument with the idiot FLBarbara and Bird. It does appear that BJK is probably just wanting to up her readership by appealing to those stupid people.

In fact “Boogieman”, who is so PUMA that he(??) is almost illiterate even turned up on the thread attacking me.

This FLBarbara is however quite simply just so PUMA it is laughable. She pretty much blames me for some Libertarians wearing Palin is a Cunt T Shirts, but finds no sexism in this Michelle Obama post. I guess FLBarbara must have thighs and whiskers that are too large to see past. Maybe FL Barbara is just upset that she can not fit in her drag outfit any more. After all, according to her, that was not sexist when directed at the First Lady. (By the way I think Michelle Obama would make an excellent President in 2016/2020).

FLBarabara is a harridan of hate. So much hate and so much PUMA that yep, she really has no understanding of things she says.

FLBarbara 03.16.09 at 2:53 pm

Going to the store to buy Kool-aide for my stand.

I am serious I am going to sell

Orange flavored
With a big O on the cup.

5.00 all you can drink.

What ever person really wants to get a “puma-laide”, needs to be paid, a hell of a lot more than $5.00 and far far more if they have to drink from the cup.

Now this FLBarbara is one of those PUMA people that cry out for free speech, (she felt it was wrong that she could not wear “Obama is a Ni@@er” t-shirts). She is also however, along with her friend “Bird” they type of person who demands a site blocks any alternative view point.

JohnD found this very good post from a PUMA person calling herself “deadgirl”;

“in the interest of free speech, why don’t you go find a porta-potty to cozy up to and discuss your shared too small of a world view, since you will get more empathy affection and discussion there than you will here with me, and a very confined space to think about your small world.”

That applies to you FLBarbara.

This FLBarbara does however understand that other PUMA people lack the ability to read other blogs themselves. She says that in my last post, attacking Amy Siskind (and her), I attacked Palin and Clinton. You semi illiterate piece of street slug excrement. I attacked neither Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin in my last post. I pointed out that Amy Siskind wants to take credit for the World spinning on her Barkingmad backing New Agenda blog.

As for leaving the FEC dodging paid PUMA Queen Darragh Murphy alone, of course I will. Every $ she takes off you stupid people, I laugh at. I find that there is a delicious irony there when on one of her posts she uses the tag, “You’ve Been Had”. I hope that she has made $millions off PUMA people. Really, I do. I find it absolutely hilarious you think it is bullying to wonder where her FEC records are. Or even why there has never been a donation to Hillary Clinton recorded in her name. Wow. Of course I want her to continue. Every $ given to Murphy is another not given to some lunatic cause like the KKK that you would have otherwise of donated to. So go on give big.

As shown there – Murphy does not know how much she raised.

You and I it seems care not that all that donated money appears to go only towards a $9.90 pcm website. I care not that there was no high profile advertising but you gave lots for it. In fact one of the only ads that appeared from PUMA PAC, in spam form was a fake).

Just as fake at the 99 Things, Rap you claim Obama appeared to, another PUMA fake. You are just a fake. In fact the whole basis of the passport story ran by PUMA people is also a fake. There was no travel ban to Pakistan in 1981. Here are the 1981 visa instructions for American citizens travelling to Pakistan.

All that I ask of PUMA people is that they concentrate on helping Sarah Palin. Go on be single minded about it. No body, even those as nutty as Baachman would want a bunch of racist bitter losing zealots on their side. So when you associate with any cause you will ensure it fails.

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  1. July 22, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Basher – What is wrong with asking for the damned Birth Certificate?

    Even Lou Dobbs is not asking for it! Why does O have to be so damned stubborn about it? Just show the damned thing already.

    And as far as a blogger war- for heaven sakes- you and John D started this damned war because the damned birther thing came up again and you guys decided to call me names instead of simply opening up a civil dialog about it.
    Now let me just say- I have no idea if there is any truth to this birther thing- I never said there was- I only said we should try to get to the bottom of it and put it to rest.
    I asked you and John D to provide an intelligent list of questions or a real set of proof days ago and – nothing yet.
    It is not unreasonable to ask these questions and expect civil answers but all we get is laughing- and name calling.
    These responces would never be allowed in court!

    Is it really too much to expect a reasonable dialog about it?

    Is it really to much to expect that if I have to present my long form BC to get a DL he should to get the POTUS position?

    Now please respond without name calling and laughing if you please?
    Among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes his
    1- Kindergarten records,
    2- his Punahou school records,
    3- his Occidental College records,
    4- his Columbia University records,
    5- his Columbia thesis, 6-
    6- his Harvard Law School records,
    7- his Harvard Law Review articles,
    8- his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,
    9- his passport,
    10-his medical records,
    11-his files from his years as an Illinois state senator,
    12-his Illinois State Bar Association records,
    13-any baptism records,
    14-his adoption records, and
    15-his long form birth certificate

  2. thebigotbasher
    July 22, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    BJK, wow, what a list. Now tell me to whom should he “present” this evidence and why should a President present this evidence? Would you actualy believe it if he did present this evidence, when you clearly have trouble believing Politifact. You want to believe the word of fame grabbing mail order qualified Dentist/Lawyer over every credible piece of evidence. Why? Are you really telling me it has nothing to do with his skin colour?

    Hawaii does not issue a “long form birth certificate”. The one issued by Barack Obama has been certified valid. It is valid proof of ID in all 50 states. What more do you want?

    Are you trying to pick up a niche market of PUMA people, dropped even by the Widershins and River Daughter?

    When did you demand this list of George W Bush, when did you demand this list from John McCain or even Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?

    I would like to see the birth certificate of Palin as I thought she was the creation of the Whitey Tape (another racist NoQuarter lie puma people were so desperate to fall for).

    FLBarbara, I note is continuing her display of stupidity. She justifies NoQuarter sexism and then objects wheen used against her. Hypocrite much? It must be the $5 PUMA Laide.

    The point is simple I am to her an Obot. A misogynist pig. She claims to oppose sexism, but only when directed towards people she likes. That makes her a hypocrite. Indeed, BJ it makes you a hypocrite as well.

    If you want to look for front page authors participating in the sexism, you do not have to look too far. Stupid PUMA thing in Italy does. Now just saying there are many sham marriages to get in to Europe. SusanUnPC does. Both front page authors. I can go get more examples if you want.

    Tell me this, which Democratic Senator or Representative will take any of your issues seriously, now you are associating with the lowest of the low in the PUMAsphere?

  3. thebigotbasher
    July 22, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    • thebigotbasher
      July 22, 2009 at 11:48 pm

      Just so everyone knows what kind of person they hypocritical PUMA FL Barbara is – here is an example of her trying to joke

      FLBarbara 01.17.09 at 5:15 pm
      Very good everyone I am LMAO

      I know I will get bashed for this but what the hell I am in the mood

      Do you hear playboy offered Sarah Palin one million to pose for playboy
      National geographic made the same offer to Michele Obama

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