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The New Agenda And Amy Siskind Are So PUMA It Is Just Funny.

Nutty NoQuarter contributor (an extreme sexist and race hate site), Amy Siskind, who set up New Agenda (a feminist group that actually does not care about feminist issues) with a group of even more disaffected PUMAs and who claims credit for the Hillary Clinton speech at the Council for Foreign Relations and for Judge Sotomayor getting though her hearings now has a new person to endorse as well as pretending to endorse Hillary Clinton, fully endorsing Sarah Palin, (according to The New Agenda, her resignation was a dark moment for America), The New Agenda has a new friend.

Equally nutty mad Rethug

The new face of Puma Lite.
(click the pic for the lunacy)

Yep – Michelle Bachmann. What a great feminist icon to nutters. i somehow doubt that Siskind will advocate for whoever her Democratic opponent is. Barkingman is so crazy that only really PUMA people could possibly endorse her. Not even the FEC dodging paid PUMA Queen, Darragh how much money have you taken Murphy (who is currently selling Islam Sucks v995) would endorse her.

You have to be so PUMA, that you are barely able to function in order to try and endorse Barkingman as a feminist candidate. Or just manipulative desperate to get the nuts off NQ donating money.

Yay Palin 2012 (to 2014 1/4). Michelle Bachmann for President. Finally the Republicans will have found someone to make Palin appear moderate.

In the meantime, the quite likeable, but still PUMA, BJK has gone of and left her blog in the hands of a few PUMA people. They are so PUMA that they are barely literate. However, I think they love me.

Siskind should be careful about endorsing the likes of Barkingmad. PUMAs do not like alternative opinions and choice in all areas confuses them. Two extremist stupid people to support may just make their little brains go pop.

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