How Does Hate Help Women And Girls?

It looks as though some PUMAs may have evolved from being nothing but a hate site to being a hate site suffering some mea-culpa.

The Widdershins, which still links to the disgracefully racist Stormfront copy, PUMAPAC, had a post that actually expressed some contrition for the sexist and racist way that they treated Michelle Obama during the election.

Of course, attempts at posting there proved to be futile. Having an opposing opinion when dealing with a PUMA is to them the most dangerous thing ever. The replies are still up but my comments are conveniently removed.

For what they have in the form of bitterness, they lose out in brains, as proven by their inability to have a real debate. PUMA mea culpa may be fine, but it comes about only in the context of the pain they feel for losing their real candidate, Sarah Palin.

In summary, the disgusting treatment PUMA groups meted out to Caroline Kennedy was dismissed because Caroline Kennedy to them was a “Princess” who “deserved her treatment, because (primarily) she supported Barack Obama, she was “under qualified”, “inexperienced” and by making her name known that she may have been interested in the New York Senate seat, she got what she deserved.

PUMA Groups remain determinedly attached to race hate. They are actually worse than Stormfront Nazis. At least with Stormfront Nazis you know what you are dealing with.

PUMAPAC themselves are as a group finished and worthy of not much more than pure derision. Their defence of their racist positions is just something to behold. . It was so obvious from day one that Darragh Murphy was nothing but a Republican opportunist.

Her idiot fans have given her over $100k in the past year (PUMA at one stage claimed millions of members who must only have contributed 1c). In reality she is playing the FEC and has never fully accounted for how much she has taken from them. Stupid people and their money.

Amy Siskind of The New Agenda is however an entirely different creature. She is a PUMA of sorts, who wanted revenge on the Democratic Party because its Primary process led to the selection of Barack Obama. She has however made clear that she wants nothing to do with some of the nuttier PUMA types. In particular, Harriet Christian, who Siskind would gracefully allow to be a New Agenda member provided she told no one about it. Needless to say, Harriet Christian, although infamous for being a racist nut is not that nutty. On the FEC Dodger site, she told Siskind to basically go F*ck off.

Siskind gets that quite a lot now. The major Women’s group in America, The National Organization for Women had their election quite recently. Quite arrogantly, Siskind and other PUMA bigots wanted to take credit for the slate that won. Siskind called it a coup. NOW were having absolutely nothing to do with it and in no way want to be associated with a bunch of people who have achieved nothing.

Diana Castaneda on June 30th, 2009 6:52 pm

You cannot claim A COUP, when all the work to give NOW new life came directly from NOW Feminist like me, that have never heard of the NEW Agenda. The fact that a very few of you attended does not make a coup! I am a National Board member from Texas. The first I have ever heard of you was from a NOW President,.We are not new agenda/Palin supporters. We support candidates and women that adhere to choice . We also do not condone Letterman or any one that promotes misogyny and abuse of women either in Word or Deed. I for one supported Terry O’Neill because she is the most qualified to take on the Fiscal challenges that NOW is facing. In this country there is room for all concepts of inclusion including the NEW AGENDA, but NOW is NOT RIPE for the picking! YOU, will have to do your own joint collaborations with other Legitimate groups to build a network just as NOW has in over 40 years. No coup was masterminded by the New Agenda, it was the membership that wanted a new direction. NOW is happy to have people that support our AGENDA, and inclusion of All women , and Women of Color. Diana Castaneda, South Central Region, Texas/Combating Racism Task Force Member

It is worth noting the position Diana Castaneda holds – combating racism. Something that The New Agenda believes is not relevant. They really do believe that.

In reading our blog, we seem to hitting against a new issue – the issue of racism. I would make the same request of our viewers. There are many wonderful national organization devoted to speaking out against racism. For those of you that find your life impacted by the color of your skin, you will probably prefer to join organizations which are devoted to that important issue.

This would explain why a front page poster at The New Agenda is Larry “Whitey Tape” Johnson. Whose irrational hate for President Obama is now legendary. Maybe, given that The New Agenda wants to be considered as moderate, the level of hate would have died down.

Nope the filthiest of filthy bigoted scum still post there. Free to desire death against the President and those who voted for him.

Comment by PYW | 2009-07-09 11:04:07

Hillary didn’t go to Russia because of her elbow. It’s that simple. There’s no conspiracy by Obama here.

BTW, she’s also giving a major foreign policy speech next week, and going on her first overseas trip since the injury.
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Comment by stodgie | 2009-07-09 11:54:12

pyw, that is just so cute! obama did nothing. Please! you are writing to people with good minds that aren’t fools. that bull might work on the obit sites but not here. keep moving, nothing from this poster worth reading!
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Comment by QueenofHearts | 2009-07-09 13:28:20

“that bull might work on the obit sites but not here.”

LOL, stodgie – I’m sure you meant to write ‘obot sites’ but you made me think of how much I crave seeing an obot obit site!

I can’t wait to read the obit of the obots – either they all walk off a lemming cliff together, or they wake up from their self-induced hypnotic slumber wondering where they are and where their country is. Then the adults who retained their critical thinking skills can clean up after them……..
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Comment by SWPAnnA | 2009-07-09 21:43:28

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Comment by stodgie | 2009-07-09 21:57:54

actually queen of hearts, i didn’t make a mistake. it is a pun though it is maybe a small one. it is my small way to show the total lack of respect i have for them.

These are the people Siskind quite happily calls her friends.

Of course, The New Agenda would never allow such hate. Wrong. The same article is now on The New Agenda blog.

NoQuarter is a site that has allowed posters to call Michelle Obama a ho, sasquatch and worse. The New Agenda says that the children of candidates should be off limits. A very worthy point.

NoQuarter disagrees about family being off limits. Their posters also disagree about the children being off limits. And of course, it is not sexist or racist to attack Michelle for her high school pic, calling her a drag queen. One of the NQ front pagers called her Blow Job Queen, I can imagine the reaction of Siskind if someone had said that of Hillary.

This is only to be expected from Amy Siskind and The New Agenda. The assassination of Dr Tiller was a truly dark day for America. It did not even warrant a post on The New Agenda blog. Not a word. To Siskind, the dark day for America was the resignation of Sarah Palin.

The New Agenda is not just PUMA Lite, it is Palin PAC lite. It serves no purpose other than to attempt to undermine the work of true feminist groups such as NOW, while promoting Sarah Palin.

No wonder she said feminism is dead. So a question to the woman who claims to be a liberal, but is proud to say she is a racist – how does promoting hate help women and girls?


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