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Palin – Going Going Gone. The World Dodged A Bullet

On the day that her lunatic supporters declare vagina love for Palin by calling for her to DIE (!!!) (seriously they did), Palin does them all a favour and cuts them loose before their cult trip gets a little too serious.

By quitting as Governor of Alaska.

Yep – that is right not just not standing again – she is quitting.

Saint Hillary The Second of Wolf Hunting, she who can do no wrong QUIT. Not just not standing again – full on weak willed quit.

Now it could be for all types of reasons. More ethics scandals, drugs (Alaska is the meth capital of the US), more family issues. Whatever it is – America has never liked quitters and good ole Sarah has gone and done just that. Quit.

Quit, quitity, quit, quit. Not a very Republican thing to do. (unless you are Nixon or involved in shagging donkeys or boys).

If the GOP want to find a 2012 candidate, they may have to reanimate the corpse of Ronald Reagan.

I bring to you a video in honour of Plain, from MrFlibberly

Remember we could have been one weak heartbeat away.

To those stupid PUMAs running SarahPac, NewAgenda (their pro Palin “post feminist” front) and all of their other other stupid haunts, I am again doing this, you have again given me a whole load more fun.

(h/t to Justlen for the pic)

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