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The Supreme Leader of Iran Just Issued A Fattwa Against His Own Regime

The now increasingly fascist regime in Iran has stepped up its campaign against the democracy protesters. Five hundred human rights activists have been arrested.

This is in addition to hundreds of journalists and students.

Ayatollah Khameni confirmed what many consider to now be fraudulent election results. By validating the fraud, he has signed the death warrant of his administration. This was exacerbated by his response to peaceful protests that broke out as a result of the declaration. The murderous troops of
Hezbollah, brought in by the Government to suppress the Iranian people violently attacked and killed many civilians.

Hezbollah forces are working hand in hand with the Basijis with efficient brutality. They have become known as the Civil Forces. They have carried out assaults at the University of Shiraz, Esfehan, the dorms at the Kermanshah University, Babol University, Semnan, Ghazvin and others not yet confirmed. Hundreds of students have been arrested. Many savagely beaten or murdered.

The shooting of Neda Agha Soltan horrified people. She was not the only one. There are many more victims of the new “Civil Force”.

These include Nasser Amirzarad, from The School of Space and Astronomy at the University of Tehran, his body was found in Yassuj (Near Khoram Abad, state of Fars).

Kiyanoush Assa born in Kermansha, from the School of Chemistry at The University of Sciences and Technology of Tehran.

Mustafa Ghanian, another student who was away from the university and was shot and killed by the Civil Forces.

Ashkan Zahabian, a student of Babol University, is in a coma due to the ferocious and savage attacks of the Ansar Hezbollah forces.

The shoot out in the University of Esfahan dormitory is now infamous.

University Professors after the dormitory massacres arranged a a sit-in demonstration in front of the University Mosque to protest the brutality rendered upon students. They literally braved their necks by signing a petition statement against Government brutality and called the election fraudulent.

70 of the Professors who went to visit with Mir Hossein Mousavi were detained by Government forces, although some are being released.

Hundreds of Students have gone missing. It is not known whether they are dead, in prison or in hiding. THe following lists are those students now confirmed in jail as a result of the attacks on the dormitories of the University of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan,

The list below are the names of the students within the respective universities who were taken into custody and posted:

University of Tehran
Ahmad Ahmadian, Eskandari, Amin Afzali, Vahid Anari, Mohamad Belourdi, Hossien Hamedi, Mohsen Habibi Mazaheri, Navid Haghdaadi, Mohamad Reza Hakami, Kazem Rahimi, Morteza Rezakhaani, Meissam Zeraai, Amin Sami’i, Bahram Shabani, Alireza Sheikhi, Ebrahim Azizi, Siavash Fiaz, Seyed Hossein Mirzadeh, Hossein Nobakht, Javad Yazdanfar, Habib khadangi, Sohrab Ahdian Reza Arkavazi, Karim Emami, Mohamad Hossein Emami, Elaheh Imanian, Roohollah bagheri, Farhad Binazadeh, Iman Pourtahmasseb, Ezat Tarbati, Simeh Tohidlou, Yasser Jaffari, Milad Chegini, Mohamad Reza Had abadi, Seyed Javad Hosseini, Farshid heidari Zamin, Behnam Khodabandehloo, Mohamad Khansari, Mohamad Davoudian, Mahmoud Delbari, Ali Ra’i, Omid Rezayi, Ali Refahi, Seifollah Ramezani, Ebrahim Zahedian, Nasser Zamani, Majid Sepahvand, Hanif Salimi, Mohamad Bagher Shabanpour, Hamed Sheikh Alishahi, Iman sheidai, Farhad Shiahmad, Saman Saheb Jalali, Farhan Sadeghpour, Farshad Taheri, Ghamdideh, Hamzeh Faratirad, Esmail ghorbani, Mohamad Karimi, Erfan Mohamadi, Mohsen Azmoodeh, Payam Pourang, Morteza Janbazi, Haji pour, Adrian Jalali, Sohrab Ahmadi, Reza Zinali, Samad Mehrali tabar.

University of Polytechnic
Pedram Rafati, Hadi Polavar, Mojtaba Alijani, Bita Samimizad, Amirhossein Astiri, Adrian jalali, Mitra a’ali, Ahmad Jaberi
Students in detention- Deprived of education
Zia Nabavi (Councilperson to defend education), Alireza Khoshbakht (Student deprived of education), Zahra Tohidi (deprived of education), Peyman Aref (deprived of education), Shiva Nazar Ahari

Azad University
Amir Kolhar (Uni of Karaj), Hessam Nassiri (Unif of central tehran), Ali Beix (PHD student, school of history), Mojtaba Mohamadian (uni of babol), Amir hossein mohamadi (Uni of Maybod)

University of Mazandaran and Babol University of Technology Noshiravani of Babol
Siavash Saliminejad, Mohsen Barzegar, Iman Sadighi, Hessamoldin Bagheri, Alireza Kiani, Milad Hosseini Koshtan, Ali Nazari, Ashkan Zahabian, Ali Dinari, Rahman Yaghoobi, Maziyar yazdani, Ali Abbassi, Shovaneh Merikhi, Mohsen Barzegar, Mohamad Alami, Nima Nahavi, Hamidreza Jahan Tigh, Marjan Fiazi, Sogand Alikhah

University of Krmanshah
Siamand Qiasi,Mohammad Jafari and some other students

Int’l University of Imam Khomeini – Ghazvin
Payam Heidar Ghazvini, Nassim Riyahi, Mojtaba Rahimi, Ata Rashidi, Esatid Daneshgah, Hossein Rayissian, Fazly, Darvish, Imani, Alborzi

University of BuAli – Hamedan

Siavash Hatam, Jojat Bakhtiari, Mehdi Mossafer, Pouria Sharifian, Reza Jafarian, Mostafa MehdiZadeh, and Amin Nazari (Council members), Mohamad Seiyadi

University of Teaching Credentials
Sajad Bazvand, Nasseh Faridi (Graduate School)

University of Semnan

25 detainees after assembly objections

University of Fedossi – Mashhad

Reza Lotfi

University of Hormozgan

Ali Shojaii

University of Shiraz

Esmail Jalilvand, Hamdollah Namjoo

University of Alameh Tabatabayi

Majid Dari
University of petroleum- Ahvaz

Hossein Rahimi and Amin Nikzadeh
University of Tabriz

Amir Mardani and Amin Jahani

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