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Maud Dibb, The BBC and the 7/7 Ripple Effect

The BBC will be launching quite an astonishing attack against some one who is essentially yet another Youtube user.

I have watched the Ripple Effect, it is here, this is part one of seven :-

You can watch it as many times as you want until Brown bans it in the UK. Then just use onion routing software and watch it again.

The film raises some very important questions, in particular about the mock exercise carried out on the same day. There are probably many flaws in his investigation. After all he is just John Hill a bearded Northerner with nothing much to do except question Government. He certainly does not have the ability to expose anyone in the same way a BBC Investigatory Programme could do.

After all, on every issue from finance to the case for war with another Country, truth has been a friend to New Labour.

What strikes me more than anything about this is that there has been no Public inquiry into the circumstances of 7/7. We are simply to believe that a Government that lied about going to War would never do something like this to its own people. I am not so easily able to dismiss that thought entirely. I do question the competence of the Government to have been able to have pulled something like this off.

Given all of this, shouldn’t the BBC, who after all are as much a victim of the lies we have all been told about Iraq have concentrated its resources on questioning Government Ministers about complicity in War Crimes?

If this programme counters the claims in the 7/7 Ripple Effect, as a piece of journalism it may have been worthwhile. In the same way Sun exposés are worthwhile. I would not know what to think if this is nothing but a hatchet job on an old man who dared to ask questions.

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