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Religionism is Bad For the Moral Fabric of Society. Is it Time To Bring Back the Lions?

Why is belief in a “creator” taken as ok without question? That said, it’s up to the people whether they choose to indulge or at least it should be. The religionist recruits children from birth, indoctrinating them at school and often performing body modification on the child.

Religionists perform ritualistic practices that can count as child cruelty on recently born children, when they enter their junior years and then again around the age of puberty.

Religionists demand laws are changed not just to favour them, but to make life worse or limit choices for everyone else, this is even in the area of medicine.

Religionists have caused more wars over the Centuries than any other group of peoples.

So while I accept Religionism is a lifestyle choice, it has caused the break down of society, thus;
*It has no place in schools except as part of a study of sociology.
*Teachers should not promote religionism although the child of a religionist may be presented to the class as the product of an alternative lifestyle choice.
*The minimum age for adults to consent to religionism should be 21.
*Counselling services should be available for religionists so that they know that there are alternative life style choices.

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